Capital Punishment on Capitol Hill

Written by Moses on behalf of Soprano (he’s too busy to get this out until the weekend). I’ll speak for Soprano here, but you should know he would endorse everything I say without question.

2 Mystery Qs descended from the radioactive North with a WB in tow to meet and greet the “young” men of F3/Davis Lake. A total of 9 pax made their shirts wet and smelly within just a few minutes of the launch. Thank goodness for that breeze Soprano brought to us. You had to be there…

Thang (x denotes the exercise was in cadence):
Burpee ladder warmup to 10 (tclaps to McGee for the inspiration). It went something like this…
– 1 burpee, 10x SSH
– 2 burpees, 10x squats
– 3 burpees, etc. up to 10 burpees for a total of 55 burpees and 100 exercises in cadence

Mosey to Capitol Hill for Soprano’s Ladder of 8s.
7 jump squats at the top and 1 merican at the bottom…descending and ascending until 1 jump squat at the top and 7 mericans at the bottom. Oh yeah…the run up the hill was done backwards. Something to do with Soprano’s profession.

Mosey to the open grassy field right next to Capitol Hill…we’ll call it The Mall.
Quick test on the 5 core principles of an F3 workout…we got 3 of them, until Piston bravely jumped in. The next Circle of Pain was on you, brother.

The Plank Clock:
12 o’clock – Mahktar Ndjai x10
3 o’clock – Diamond mericans x10
6 o’clock – right arm/left arm
9 o’clock – Peter Parker x10
12 o’clock – recover

Mosey back to launch point for Mary and Stretch:
Homer to Marge w/Mr. Burns intervals
Freddie Mercury
Dying Cockroach
Hamstring stretches

CoT was concluded with a story about OBT and the 3rd 500. Tclaps for the analogy, OBT!

1) Yes, Farm, I was a bit mysterious yesterday. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was lying to you! Harsh words…
3) Strong work from Piston and Strut at the end to make it back to the launch pad.
2) FEBA!! Look it up if you don’t remember.
6) Enjoyed the 2nd F to and fro with Rambo and Soprano. That’s why we post, right?
9) Y’all have a great leader at Davis Lake. You can trust him to make this grow for good and for great purpose. EH a friend. There are many SadClowns out there who need this as much as you.
4) My computer messed up…got the numbers off at the left of the page. Sorry about that. I’m going to hire an accountant to help me. Hey King Julian, do you know anyone?

It was a pleasure to lead you men into the gloom and I was pleasantly surprised that we finished with the same number of guys as we started with…j/k. We never leave a man behind!

6 thoughts on “Capital Punishment on Capitol Hill

  1. The Farm

    T-claps to @Moses, @Soprano, @Rambo for making the trek to Davis Lake and thanks for the co-Q. To the pax that didn’t make it, you missed a good one. Perhaps @Skipper should miss Qs more often. Just kidding… #wemissyoubro

    T-claps to everyone that pushed through that beatdown. Starting out with burpees is tough…AND also is a great idea. #ithinkillstealit #staytuned

    I was commenting to my M this am about how it’s great having a solid group of pax that I know will be there when I post. You’re getting stronger after each post and you inspire me. #ISI

  2. Bolt_MECA

    Many thanks for the quality beatdown. The pain was palpable and appreciated. Great Q work by both.

  3. Preamble

    Thanks for making the drive south to inflict pain on the #Faithful PAX. That was one of the best beatdowns we’ve had in the Gloom so far. Those hamstrings and quads are gonna be sore…quadifelias, squats, jump squats, etc. You guys have been watching too many of those Buns of Steel videos! Thanks again, bros!

  4. Piston

    I totally get…………….the workouts won’t get easier but you will get stronger….you really brought it today, when I hung my t shirt on the deck chair it was actually dripping sweat !

  5. Moses Post author

    Men…and I mean that…thanks for the feedback. I stay away from videos and YouTube eversince Minime introduced me to MonkeyHumpers. That reminds me! I think I forgot that in the backblast.

  6. Skipper

    Much appreciation to my long time bros @Moses and @Soprano for stepping up to cover for me. That’s what F3 is all about! Ahoy!

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