The Q that killed the Q leader

10 regulars showed up today with 4 friendly new guys in tow.  R2D2, after being gone for a week at a summer camp, was leading the Q and is still close to puking as this is being written.   But hey, he hid it from the PAX so thats all that matters, right?

Warm up:
Mosey to mail box and back

Side straddle hop, imperial storm trooper, arm circles

Partner activities:

Crab walk down hill, Bear crawl up the hill X6
Mosey to playground

1. 10 Playground Pull Ups while partner planks

2.     Railroad Tie Hand Walks.  (Split partners to either end. Railroad tie walks from each end and meet in middle.  Fist bumps to partner, inside hands then outside hands)

3.    Partner curl ups

4.   Run Laps.  Volleyball court to parking lot

Main course:
1.  10 merkins
2.   10 side straddle hop (in cadence)
3.   10 lunges
4.    10 squats

Repeato adding 2 every time until we reach 16


15 X LBC

Homer to marge

15 X Low Flutter

15 X Mason Twists

10 X Ankle Monkey Butt Grabbers (an odd exercise that I think The Farm invented just to see if anyone would do it)

PAX lead Mary (R2D2 was ready to be done but The Farm pushed for more)

Plans for a Davis Lake T-Shirt design was discussed and request for anyone with graphic design experience to contact The Farm.  Upcoming Dads workout: “F3 Dad’s Play 60 Day at Panther’s Stadium”   Continued prayer for the family of Lake Norman who lost their daughter to a drunk boat operator and a prayer that anyone under the name of F3 would drink responsibly.

3 thoughts on “The Q that killed the Q leader

  1. The Farm

    Good job this morning to all the pax! R2D2, I caught on with all those airborne mind benders…not on my watch brother!!! #ISI

    Special shout out to the FNGs. Strong work! Good to see you again The Gavel fka Derrell. Takes a special kind of man to join us mid burpee/Bobby Hurley ladder and then come back for more!

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