Only 5 sets was needed

26 PAX gathered on a beautiful Tuesday morning to see what was on the exercise agenda.  A disclaimer was given.  Here is how the work out went:

Mosey to Bus Lot


  • 20 STH IC
  • 20 Merkins IC
  • 20 Cotton Picker IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Rail  and Partner Up

  • 20 Partner Dips – and switch (4x)
  • When done – Al Gore with Active Tree Hugging

Mosey to Skyline

  • Split into three groups
  • Every group rotates across three pain stations
    1. Lunge walk to first intersection – 20 Merkins (group 1 starts here)
    2. Run to the second intersection – 30 LBCs (group 2 starts here)
    3. Run to the bottom of Skyline – 10 Muscle Ups (group 3 starts here)
  • Repeat 5x
  • Plank when done

Mosey back to parking lot


  • 20 – Pretzel Crunch – IC
  • 20 – Rosalita – IC
  • 20 – Reverse Crunch – IC


  • Great work from everyone out there!  Maybe a little more running than most Boot Camps making your heart pump blood to different places as we changed focus with each station, but I hope your shoulders, chest, triceps, legs, and abs all got it good too.
  • Good to see a diverse group of F3 tenure and age groups.  Several new faces from earlier in the year which are now consistent PAX.


  • Hump Day Happy Hour – topic BRR planning – ALL PAX welcome.
  • F3 Dads this Saturday 1-3PM at Panthers practice field.  Go to:
  • New AO – Skybrook and Winding Walk starting next week July 15.  Bootcamp workout on Wednesday at Skybrook clubhouse and Bootcamp workout on Friday at Winding Walk clubhouse


3 thoughts on “Only 5 sets was needed

  1. Gordo Post author

    Always a privilege to lead a workout for such a great group of men!

    Welcome FNG – Seth Bennett!

    @Colonel Mustard – thanks leading the closing today

    I encourage anyone who has Q in a while or at all yet, to do so! You will not regret after you are done.

  2. Alcatraz

    I believe our missing person was Gulfstream.

    Thank you @Gordo for bringing the pain with your own touch of politeness. VT for #MostPoliteQ goes to you!

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