Jail House Rock

The Jail House Rock is The Precincts new WIB! This is the 2nd time around/through, and with a slight modification to the original, I think we found ourselves something tough enough that it may rightfully stand out amongst the best in the MECA and more solid beatdowns you can expect each month… Just ask the PAX what they thought, because it goes like this…

The Thang;                                                                                                                                              Run 0.5ish of a mile down The Farmlands and back up to the Prison Yard;  begin…                                          5 Station loops as Follows:

  1. 4 Burpees + 20 CDD’s
  2. 4 Burpees + 20 Monkey Humpers
  3. 4 Burpees + 40 Freddy Mercurys
  4. 4 Burpees + Bear Crawl 40 yards where the green grass grows
  5. 4 Burpees + 20 Muscle Ups
  6. Rinse and Repeat Loops(no Trip back down Farmlands) for 30 mins until Timer

The Smart Man’s Moleskin:                                                                                                                         Thanks to the few who came out to brave the Precincts own WIB. Truly hope you enjoyed it and it lived up to the “somewhat hype” it received. Great to see No-H, Dirty Bird and Baby Pie back out in the gloom! Glad we all are a little smarter this morning now that we did this workout together!

Saturday evening we’re doing a little F3 get together in the Precinct AO(9907 Eagles Field Ct) for some family time including Fireworks that have been leftover from @HotWheels rained out July 4th Party! So we’re bringing the party to the Ct and inviting all to come enjoy! More details later in week too! BYOB, Food, 2.0’s and M’s

Post your JHR stats below PAX while Sounding Off…                                                                         Rounds go like this…      

CDD’s = .1     MH’s = .2     FM’s = .3     BC = .4      MU’s = .5    finish 1st loop for 1      CDD’s = 1.1 and so on…                                                                                                                             


19 thoughts on “Jail House Rock

  1. Prison Fruit Post author

    The Farmlands trip to begin is a tough opening run! Sets yourself up for a good thorough beatdown! This was one of the minor changes added from the original JHR. I hate that hill, for real though.

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    I enjoyed it this morning. Way to push everyone. I agree, that hill sucks.

  3. Dingo

    Tough workout PF! That hill is a killer! I’m beat!

    Now before crowning this as “Standing out amongst the best in MeCa” I want you to try El Dorado and the Grinder!

    1. Prison Fruit Post author

      At least, I hope it’s just put us on the Map! I haven’t done either El Dorado or Grinder yet so I can’t truly compare other than hearsay. I have heard they’re pretty tough though.

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        Trust me, they are both tough. What makes El Dorado tough is that it isn’t a specific workout, it’s different every week. And the Grinder is brutal. We have to run up that damn hill each time.

        1. Dingo

          What makes eldorado tough is you are going up and down a 7 story parking deck the whole time

  4. Trail Mix

    @Grizzly – Thanks for the push (literally) half-way in… I was struggling mentally to stay motivated, and you helped me finish out strong.

    1. GentleGrizzly

      You’re Welcome! Can’t be slowing down half-way through, that’s what the fellowship run is for.

  5. Man Down

    That workout sucked! And I’m a better man for having done it! Thanks PF for putting it together.
    T-claps to Forgotten Jelly for capturing the virtual trophy this morning! Was it 4.2 rounds there FJ? Or 4.1758845690345?

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      I’m ok with rounding up to 4.2. Next time I’ll go for 4.8, wait…5? I’m still confused. 😉

  6. GentleGrizzly

    3.35 or 3.7 loops, however you want to count it. I did half of the bear crawl before time was called. Funny enough I hate the bear crawl, given my name.

  7. BlindDate

    3.35 or 3.7 loops, but behind Griz. Whoever invented bear crawl definitely wasn’t 6’4″. Now muscle ups on the other hand, there is a distinct advantage to being tall.

    Enjoyed the workout but not that hill. Working that into any workout definitely made it suck more…..but rewarding afterward.

  8. Iron Wolf

    It was a heck of a workout! I didn’t mind the hill so much as the bear crawls and burpees, but I’m not complaining, just saying that bear crawls are probably a form of devil worship. Either way, I got a serious beat down and made it 3.humpers rounds.

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