Definitely not Leg Day

Shovel Flag planted, disclaimer given, then a brief apology for the pain everyone was about to experience.

(YHC is not one for the canned warm-up)

Using rocks from the pile, Catch-Me-If-You-Can around the parking lot loop (approx. 800yds)
(warm-up done)


  1. 9 burpees
    Wheelbarrows 100yds
  2. 8 burpees
    Wheelbarrows 100yds (flapjack partners)
  3. 7 burpees
    Partner Carry 100yds
  4. 6 burpees
    Partner Carry 100yds (flapjack partners)
  5. 5 burpees
    Bear Crawl 50 yds
    5 burpees
    Bear Crawl 50yds
  6. 4 burpees
    run to and up the hill & back (approx. 800yds), burpees till your partner returns
  7. 3 burpees
    run to and up the hill & back (approx. 800yds), merkins till your partner returns
  8. 2 burpees
    partner carry 50yds
    2 burpees
    partner carry 50yds (flapjack)
  9. 1 burpee
    Wheelbarrows 50yds
    1 burpee
    Wheelbarrows 50yds (flapjack partners)


30 russian twists OYO


Today was hard. Today’s total was only just under 2 miles. YHC knew it was coming but couldn’t fartsack it away. Just suck it up and deal with it, smoking Q and all. Babyface and Ichabod nailed it, while Deuce and I were looking for our breath. Methinks it was lost somewhere between the two 800yd runs. In the end everyone finished strong and THX to Ichabod for the strong take-out and THX to Babyface for the (warmish) water. The Boondock Saints always deliver.

Thanks guys for allowing me to run in front again.

Chum out

2 thoughts on “Definitely not Leg Day

  1. Deuce

    That was horrible, in a good way. I was hoping working out today would keep me from getting sore after yesterday’s legfest in Mint Hill with Schedule C. Now my whole body is sore. Thanks, Chum!

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