Bus Lot Fun

21 Stoners rolled out of the fart sack for some fun in the gloom this morning; here is how it went.

The Thang:


Mosey to the Bus Parking Lot

SSH 20x IC

IST 15x IC

Cotton Pickers 10x IC

Mosey to the school entrance

Dips 10x, Step Ups 10X (one leg)  Repeto

Dips 10x

Mosey to the steps

Wheel barrel w/ Merkin on each step up stairs 3 Sets

Duck walk up the hill / 5 1-Leg burpees  2 Sets

Mosey to the loading dock wall

Mussel Ups 10x

Dips 5x

Peoples Chair

Mosey back to the bus parking lot

Line up on the yellow line for Running in place

Break up running in place w/ Burpees/Merkins /LBCs /WW1SUs

Groups of 5 for Cackalackia Train across the parking lot / Power skips back

Sprint across parking lot, Power skips back, 2x

Backwards run, sprint back

Circle up for Mary

Box cutters 10x

Low flutter 10x

LBC 10x

Whatley’s pick? (I can’t remember)

Marie Calendar’s pick Mason Twist 20x

Iron Cross



  1. Thank you for the opportunity to Q this morning. It was great to have bunch of PAX from different AOs this morning and a new group of FNG’s.
  2. Thank you to Pox for handling the noise complaint, I guess we need to stress the cone of silence more.
  3. Special HDHH tomorrow for the BRR at Carolina Ale House ($3 pints?).

8 thoughts on “Bus Lot Fun

  1. Sugar

    Great Q @Chachi! Lots of variation! And as always, great to see a FNGs and of course visiting PAX!

    #Skywalker AO launch Wednesday, 7-15-15 at 05:30 – Winding Walk Clubhouse – Bootcamp. It’ll be Wednesdays at Winding Walk and Fridays at Skybrook Golf Club.

    I appreciate all the comments about my Power skips and my Quads………totally not weird…at all.

  2. Dropcloth

    Great Lead today @ChaChi. It was nice visiting from Highlands today and seeing how Rolling Stone has grown over the months. Quite a few faces I didn’t know but always nice getting to know everyone as we are sweating in the gloom together. To the FNGs today – keep posting and enjoying the fellowship as you push through a few exercises, it does the body and soul good each day!

    BTW I believe I’m your missing PAX member above.

  3. Schnitzel

    @Chachi – well done, sprints at the end nice touch to burn any lingering energy.
    @Sugar – good job with wheelbarrow, I have some dirt to move this weekend if you’re not busy. I’ll even lighten up on the merkins!
    @PAX – Friend of mine from Moss Creek called and said we weren’t loud enough this morning, cadence helps get him going in the morning #cantpleaseeverybody. Seriously, we can do warm ups on track or at Odell, I suppose.

  4. Pox

    Chachi, nice lead.

    To Pax, the cone of silence is apparently not silent enough to appease the neighbor(s). I will write an email to leadership, but I’m not sure there is a good solution, however I suspect the Pax will be gettting a visit soon from the local law enforcement if something doesn’t change.

  5. The Nanny

    @Chachi Great lead. Nice variety and movement around the AO. Enjoyed the cliff hanger dips on the wall #DisclaimerWorthy

    @FNG Eric Good meeting you this morning. Lean into this group of men. You can count on them to be there every tues and Thursday which makes it a lot easier to win the biggest battle of each morning – exiting your soft, warm bed. You win that battle and the fitness will just show up.

  6. WaterBoy

    Wow. Awesome guys. Sounds like I missed a lot of noise fun. (Strained my shoulder this weekend). Sorry to hear about the noise. Conversations via email in progress.
    Chichi sounds like a great lead.

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