This morning, after the workout, I found myself trying to explain the concept of a #Stuckey’s to someone from across the pond.  He asked simply, “What is a Stuckey’s, what do they sell?”  I tried to explain the #rednecktruckstop to our Dental-Hygienically challenged friend, but fell woefully short of painting the masterpiece that encompasses all that is enveloped in such a destination.  In short, “They have a little bit of everything you don’t want” seemed as fitting a description as I could come up with.  The Stuckey’s Pecan Log is the dip-spit diadem of this establishment, stacked high on the shelves and covered in dust.  I am not sure that anyone has ever eaten one, but they appear to be in ready supply should the need arise.  Be that as it may, when you leave a place like this you come out a better man.  I don’t have an explanation for this, but it’s true and you can trust this because it will be on the internet once I click the Publish button.

With that intro, I suppose this workout was a little like a Stuckey’s Pecan Log for the New-to-Kettlebells Mint Hill Pax.  Multiple layers of unopened self-bettering goodness sitting on the shelf waiting to be tapped into.  They just didn’t know what they had been missing all along.

The Thang was split into three main parts:

P1 – Intro to Kettlebells:

We went through just about every KB exercise I could remember in 15 mins, emphasizing on proper form, kettlebell selection (if the handle is bigger than the bell, put it back on the shelf), pressing vs. swinging movements, what noises your back should not make, why you should not do curls or tricep extensions, and so on and so forth.

P2 – Intro to a real Kettlebell

As I suspected, the new Mint Hill pax were very ambitious and had gone out and purchased kettlebells to prepare for this new workout.  Unfortunately, they had fallen prey to the mass availability of baby kettlebells littering the shelves of retail-land.  There were some 15 and 20b bells floating around, some that would barely balance with the top-heavy handle.  We introduced a 50 and 55b bell into the ring and started a swing circuit, passing them around after each pax completed 20 swings with them.  While the pax were swinging the heavier bells, the rest of us did an alternate called exercise.  We did this for a few circles around the group so that everyone got in some quality time with the larger kettlebells.

P3 – Make Farmwood almost die

We were working up a pretty good sweat at this point, so it was time to go for the #throatchop.  Two of EE’s gummed up 45b plates, set up for hairburners in the lower lot.  We kept the big bell swing circuit going, but added an all-expenses paid trip for two to hairburner land as each pax finished their  swings.  I think everyone got to push the plates at least twice and are better more wobbly for it.

Dessert – Swiss Miss led Mary for me as I played it safe given my recent history of not making it all the way through these workouts.  Thanks bud, I appreciate it.  The Ivan Twists were brutal.


This was a great enthusiastic crowd and it was good to meet some new faces.   As I mentioned, don’t skimp on the bell size for the swinging movements and you will gain strength and proper form much faster.  Get a smaller bell for the overhead pressing movements and a larger one for the swings.  You guys were swinging that 50b bell pretty well, so no need to think you can’t handle something heavier for this type of workout where you aren’t doing any running.  If you want a double dose, head to Meathead on Thursdays.  There are some really strong dudes there doing work with double 50s and other asinine things.

Farmwood gave it all he had today, at one point lying completely sprawled out on the ground with the kettle bell sitting on his chest like a half-eaten bag of Cheetos.  Keep coming out brother, we are here for you.

Drop Thrill complained loudly about most everything, but especially the hairburners.  He hung in there though, and is an example to the “larger” crowd of how it’s done with perseverance and determination.  Just keep coming, as much as you can.  The more we see of Drop Thrill, the less we see of Drop Thrill.

I think Biohazard is hooked.  He already went out and, perhaps ambitiously, purchased a 45b bell.  That will serve you well, perhaps get a 35 to get you started with.

Capri was pretty apprehensive about using my 45, but hoisted it like a pro.

How did you guys let the 16 year old Journey get away with such a cool nickname?  Come on!

Chum is Qing like 8 Mint Hill workouts a week now, so he needs the pax to start stepping up and getting ready to lead these things.  #Moochers won’t last for long, and I hope to see you all leading soon.

For the record, I did a lot of of this workout with a 50b bell and I am not naturally that strong of a dude.  I have just been doing these kettlebell workouts for a while.  Sometimes, I even manage to finish them without passing out.


– Horsehead


3 thoughts on “#Stuckey’s

  1. Swiss Miss

    Wow, that was the longest intro to a BB I’ve ever read. I think you’ve even out rambled TR. But you make a good point (whatever it was).
    Solid beatdown delivered, and I agree about the 50#/55# bells you had us swing. Heavier is better for the basic 2-handed swing.
    Thor’s hammer on Farmwood was a priceless visual. Wish I’d had a camera.
    There was some kind of mass refusnik when you used the “r” word to instruct us how to get from the swinging circle to the plates. Hopefully the site Q will be a little more selective in lining up Qs. Or at least be sure to emphasize the “0.0” foundational element of Mint Hill Metal.
    Thanks for stepping up.

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