10 “Lakers” and a visitor from ISOTOPE met by the pool and were introduced to the BEEP Test as well as some other favorites that have been done at Davis Lake.



Mosey to top of Parking Lot
Lunges, High Knees, Heel-TOE

SSH x 20
Mtn Climbers x 15
Windmill x 10

BEEP TEST with Penalties
Goal was to get to stage 10.  For every stage you came up short, 5 BURPEE penalty
T-Claps to Chicken Strip, our winner at Stage 8

Indian Run to Lake

Partner Up – One partner runs to gazebo and back, other  does Merkins.  Switch until group gets to 100

Mosey to Rocks, Grab a rock

Curls x 10
5 Burpees
Skull crusher x 10
5 Burpees
Overhead Press x 10

Drop rock, head to playground

Step Ups x 15 each leg
Incline Merkin x 15
Dips x 15
Decline Merkin x 15
Volleyball Jumps across court x 2


Mason Twist x 10
LBC x 15
Low Flutter x 20
Mason Twist x 10



1. Good to see the regulars out this morning. The group is getting stronger and continuing to grow.

2. Thanks @TheFarm for voluntelling me to Q this morning.  I just needed a little push to finally get on the schedule.

3. Thanks Etch for heading down to my Cotter Q.  I EHed Etch a couple years ago and then he had to EH me to come back out….

4.  Nice work to King Julian for running to and from the work out.

5. It only took a Q by Schultz for the “Lakers” to figure out what #mublechatter is…..

8 thoughts on “Voluntold

  1. Schultz Post author

    I’d say put your comments below, but I’m pretty sure you all got them out during the workout.

  2. Preamble

    Thanks for Q-ing, Schultz. The sprints and higher amount of running was hard but really good for the heart rate! I went on a run yesterday (no rock, sorry!) and I was amazed at how much my endurance has improved after only a month. Thanks to the PAX for pushing me (all of us) to do more!

  3. EtCh-A-SkEtCh

    Schultz, great Q. I knew you were bringing the BeeP test and I had to come try….and the fact this was like a VirginQ for you. Its like Jordan coming back from retirement.

    Preamble…..that is what makes F3 so awesome!

    Davis Lake is a great AO….did I see a HUGE hill beside the lake?

  4. The Farm

    Good Q Schultz! You handled the mumblechatter well. Although I hate burpees, I know they are good for me. Thanks for making us stronger!

  5. Skipper

    Looks like a great one @Schultz! Maybe I’ll have to checkout this #DavisLake AO sometime…in August. #crazysummertravel
    Keep up the great work #DL! Ahoy!

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