How do you satisfy a Dingo?

21 men climbed out of the fartsack to run around a parking lot doing stuff that hurt, but made us all a little stronger!  It was great to be back at Rolling Stone and to see the growth that is happening over there!

The Thang;

Mosey to the elementary school.

  1. 20 x SSH
  2. 15 x IST
  3. 16 x Windmill

Partner up

Each partner runs a different direction around the traffic island loop.  When they meet 20 merkins.  Turn around and run back, when you meet 20 Squats

Repeato x 3

1,2,3 ladder

  1. Burpees – 1,2,3…..10
  2. Squats – 2,4,6,…….20
  3. Merkins – 3,6,9……30
Each partner runs a different direction around the traffic island loop.  When they meet 2Low Flutter.  Turn around and run back, when you meet 20 LBC
Mosey back to Middle School
1 min of quadraphelia
Mary run by visiting Pax.
The Moleskin;
  1. Always good to visit RS!  Thanks for having me.
  2. @Mortimer – No stairs today brother, but maybe we will get some next time!
  3. @Kato – Thanks for the little bit of mumble chatter!  It was a quiet group today.
  4. Thunderroad marathon training at Tradition on Wednesdays at 5:30 and Saturdays at 6:00am
  5. Kato, please sound off with your announcments below.  #gettingoldmemorysux

8 thoughts on “How do you satisfy a Dingo?

  1. Coyote

    Good beat down this morning!

    Thanks to the Rolling Stone guys for making us feel welcome! Great first visit to yalls AO and will definitely be back!

  2. Schnitzel

    @Dingo, well done. I tried to tally up number of merkins, burpees etc that made up the ladder, on the way home, but was way too tired. I only did 29 merkins that last go around, might be Friday before I can do the make up.
    @Waterboy, good job partner, good to have you back.
    @Visitors, always welcome, we put our best foot forward for you – but once you become a regular…

  3. Kato

    -@Dingo and crew from Tradition…thanks for bringing the love to Rolling Stone. Great workout (except for the burpee/squat/merkin ladder) and it was great to see everyone after being out of town for several workouts.

    -@PAX: Want to know how to do burpees? Watch @Mattress King or @Mortimer.

    -Ponse is “Ponch” (his birth name is Chip).

    -MeCa 4th convergence at Davis Lake @ 7AM

    -Keep @Col. Mustard and family in your prayers as their new 2.0 gets stronger. Looking forward to the day he can come home.

    -Mandatory workout at El Dorado Monday morning @ 5:15 (meet at Kohls parking lot outside of UNCC entrance). Participation is required to maintain F3 membership.

    -BRR HDHH Wednesday @ 8PM. Everyone interested in the BRR (or beer) is welcome to post.

    -Look for an email soon with info/link for shirt orders.

  4. Loco

    Awesome beat down today @Dingo! I was running a little late and it felt like I had missed half an hour! The ladder is not to be trifled with.

    @MattressKing thanks for trying to trade me, @Sugar thanks for not wanting me…I’m sensing a pattern haha

    I’ll be out for the next few weeks courtesy of work but look forward to seeing everyone again towards the end of July.

  5. WaterBoy

    Awesome beat down dingo! Great to partner up schnitzel! Pax I’m pulling together a second f event for us. More to come.

  6. Sugar

    @Dingo, thanks for leading us yesterday and thanks to all the Tradition PAX for making the trip. It really was a fun workout out! The best thing about a ladder like that is that you’re so distracted by the math you don’t realize how many reps you’ve actually done…….until the next day!! Looking forward to the next @Dingo workout!

    @Schnitzel I tried Adding them up too but it made my head hurt and I decided I really didn’t want to know!

  7. Buckwheat

    Looks painful! I know how to satisfy a Dingo…. Remind him late the night before that he’s got the Q at a different AO than he was planning to go to. So late in fact that he doesn’t get the message till 0430 the day of his Q. Oops!

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