A Chilly Summer Morning, Bad Counting, & a Dirty Weinke

So What? YHC doesn’t know how to count well before 7AM.

Shovel Flags planted, Disclaimer given, time to mosey!


SSH x20 IC
Merkins x10 OYO
IW x20 IC
Merkins x9 OYO
Squats x10 IC
Merkins X8 OYO
LBC x20 IC
Merkins x7 OYO
Mtn Climbers x20 IC
Merkins x6 OYO
Jack Abs x5 Civilian Count
Merkins x5 OYO
Hill BIllies x20 IC
Merkins x4 OYO
SSH x10 IC
Merkins x10 OYO


(PorkChop Hill)
climb in reverse
5 burpees @ top
run down
5 burpees @ bottom
(repeato x5)

(DG Tee #1)
run to chains
4 burpees
run back to tee
4 burpees
(repeato x2)

Blind Indian Trail Run to Hill #2

(Hill #2)
Bear climb
10 derkins
Run Downhill
(repeato x3)

(Double Wide Tennis Court)
Suicides to each side line
10 merkins
(repeato x2)

(Soccer Fields)
Run the Large Lap (approx. 1/2 mile)
10 burpees



Naked Moleskin

This morning started off downright chilly, then to have dew on top of that! So YHC decided it was time to turn up the heat (an by consequence start smoking the Q). The pax responded with very impressive effort. There seemed to be 2 groups in the pax this morning, All the many Larry Birds, and then YHC. It’s easy to catch the six when the Q is in the six.

Mumblechatter was in good supply, especially noting YHC’s apparent loss of the number 2 & 1 on the COP, and during the blind man indian run, but things quieted down again for the second hill set. Maybe I need to watch some more Sesame Street.

Thanks again gentlemen for the honor of working out with you for another morning. It was really great to see our FNGs returning for more beatdowns in the gloom.

Thanks again, Chum.

2 thoughts on “A Chilly Summer Morning, Bad Counting, & a Dirty Weinke

  1. Toolman

    @Chum thank you for leading today. That was a killer beat down. I enjoyed every minute. Once it was over.

    1. Chum Post author

      Best comment of the morning “I hate you, but I love you, but right now I really hate you.”

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