Turbo Mode!

15 strong including one FNG showed up for YHC’s V Bootcamp Q. I was a little anxious and arrived at 0510. The first person to show after me was FNG Sherman. Welcome, brother! Explanation of an F3 bootcamp given. The floodgates opened and Pax came in from every direction, including a lit up King Julian gliding in at about 40MPH on his bicycle. YHC explained that my summer intern is a Knob at the Citadel and provided me with some new exercises to try today. They weren’t an epic fail, but will definitely take some practicing!

Things went a little something like this…


Mosey to back of parking lot. Disclaimer given (more detailed than normal since we had an FNG).

Mountain Climber X 15IC
Windmill X10IC
Cotton Picker X10IC
Shoulder Stretch
Arm Circles

Enter Stage Left – @R2D2 walking up and taking his sweet old time. YHC and the Pax welcomed him appropriately and then we got started.

Mosey over to playground area.

1-10 Prisoner Merkin/Air Press Ladder. YHC was moving a little fast between exercises, so @Dutch chimed in to slow me down. Thanks, brother!

Hit the Rock Pile
Curls X 15
Goblet Squats X 15
Shoulder Press X 15
LBC’s w/ Rock X 10IC

Drop the rocks and mosey to guard rail across from Capital Hill. Plank it up until everyone arrives.

Dips X 10IC. YHC was in Turbo Mode again. Thx Pax for slowing me down!
Incline Merkins X10IC
Derkins X 10IC

Finish Mosey to Capital Hill

Get in group of four.
Four-man square merkins X10. These were a lot harder than they looked on paper.

Split into groups of two.

Partner Bridal Carry 25 yards, switch roles and come back.
Partner Fireman Carry 25 yards, switch roles and come back.
Partner Drags 25 yards, switch roles and come back. None of these were easy.

Army Crawl (on elbows, can’t use knees) 25 yards.
Seal Crawl back (hands flat, can’t use knees) 25 yards. These sucked and will definitely take some practice!!

YHC almost spilled merlot here. Note to Self: Don’t go to HDHH/Tradition on Tap and stay up till midnight before a bootcamp Q!

Mosey back to guardrail.

Dips X 10IC
Incline Merkins X10IC

Slow mosey back to playground.

20 Step Ups each leg

20 sec airborne mindbender
The W X15IC
Low Flutter X15IC
Pretzel Crunch X10IC each side
Low Dolly X15IC

And we’re done!

1) Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, men. Enjoyed it!
2) @Gamma and @ Dutch – Thanks for making the trip over from your AO’s for my VQ
3) Welcome Panzer. From what I saw today, you looked STRONG!
4) @Strut – Great work today. Way to push yourself!
5) @Piston and @Preamble – Good job modifying the carries to something you could do that was challenging.
6) I had a Burpee/Air Squat Ladder on Capital Hill planned, along with a few more four-man square merkins. We were spared by the clock!!
7) I’m missing someone from the roster today. Please sound off below so I can give you credit for showing up.

9 thoughts on “Turbo Mode!

  1. The Farm

    The missing man is R2D2!

    Thanks for coming over brother. Tried to throw a little mumblechatter at you but it didn’t work. I’ll step it up next time! Those four man merkins were interesting. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about so many guys wanting to bridal carry me…

  2. Schultz

    Upper body is smoked.

    Nice Q Buckwheat, I didn’t even know it was your Virgin Q.

    Good to see all the regulars, some of the new guys, a FNG, and some visitors.

    Now where is that link to sign up to Q…..

    1. The Farm

      Don’t let him fool you. It was his virgin bootcamp Q. He’s got many KB and Ironfist beatdowns under his belt. He’s even Q’d a Murph…which reminds me. Who is up for doing it on Monday?

    2. The Farm

      And you know the link…

      Don’t worry, I’ll sign you up for a spot next month. You’ll get an email to know which date.

  3. Dutch

    Good VQ Turbo boy! Glad to see the high energy with the PAX- good merkin ladder to start… and we broke new speed records! i can tell when you get excited you move faster… could be good in some situations. #won’tgothere.

    always good to hit the DL AO – great location and Pax have a lot of fun. EH a sadclown / and/ or a friend and come on out Sat. for a Dutch Touch Q.

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like it was a good one @Buckwheat. Now you need to Q a bootcamp at Tradition.

    1. The Farm

      Jelly, it was good but definitely quieter then I’m used to…until he broke out the bridal carries.

  5. Buckwheat Post author

    Thanks everyone!

    Good catch @The Farm. My bad for leaving you off the roster, @R2D2!

    It was indeed strangely quiet out there this morning. I’m hoping that was because we were putting in work! I figured bridal carries would invoke some chatter. It wasn’t as bad as I thought though. For the record, I wasn’t asking to bridal carry w/ you…..

    @Dutch – Being excited and moving faster is always a good thing, at least for me anyway ;-).

    I’m with @The Farm regarding Saturday if you’re workout is dubbed a Dutch “Touch” beatdown, especially after you broke out a halter top the other day and know the difference between a halter top and crop top. #creepyoldman

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