Hula with the VQ


Mosey to Buslot (Backwards Run, Toy Soldiers and walking lunges along the way)

Circle up at Buslot (4 count- SSH (15), Windmill (15), Cotton Picker (15), Imperial Storm Trooper (15), Imperial Stretch Trooper (15)

Indian Run up to Odell Elementary

Toe the Line (20, 15, 10 – Front and Back and Side to side)

Step Up mini wall 20 each leg

Mosey to Big Wall- (Peoples Chair, 4 count air press (25), Sitting Toy Soldiers 4 count (15)

Mosey to Big parking lot for Schnitzel Grinder (Partner Up 100, Pushups, 100 LBCs, 100 SSHs while partner sprints)

Mosey back to Harris Road Middle Rock (Partner Wheelbarrel over the Hill and switch)

Mosey back to flagpole (20 Pretzel Crunches each side, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 15 Ws)

Announcements (t-shirts), Sound off, Prayer

Special shout out to all the brethren that have come before me today and inspired this workout, LawDog, Pox, Stretchie, Shnitzel to name a few. You guys have blessed me by pushing me to get better. Thank you.

Also Special shout out to Sugar and Loco, you guys were the first people at every station. Very impressed with how much you both push yourself, it really encourages me to get better.

Otis aka Dockside, you are doing good work my brother. I was greatly encouraged to see you back out there giving it all you had.

Thanks again for this opportunity, praying that the Lord uses us to bless and encourage in the areas He has us.

(Law Dawg is posting this on behalf of @Hula)

4 thoughts on “Hula with the VQ

  1. LawDawg Post author

    Very solid VQ @Hula, darthvadervoice/ “impressive, most impressive indeed”/darthvadervoice.

    Thanks to @Stretchy for getting me through the second half and up the hill on partner wheelbarrows!

    Have fun without me next week, I’m out of town!

  2. Schnitzel

    @Hula, that was a beast – nicely done, double-time windmills stirred up a good breeze. Not sure I like the grinder beatdown having my name in it.
    @Uggs, hats off, you’re back in the saddle now, see you next week. Next time for the wheelbarrow, spin me around at the hill and pull me up, would be a lot easier for me.

  3. Stretchy

    Great job on your VQ. Appreciate the words of inspiration along the way.

    Great beatdown as well, with a side of merlot spillage.

  4. Loco

    Awesome VQ @Hula! You’ve inspired me to try my hand at the helm for a beat down but it will need to be when work travel settles down. I really admire your tenacity on going through the grinder portion solo. Looking forward to more beat downs from you!

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