A Little Team Building

21 Pax posted this morning in a hot but a welcomed breezy gloom.

The Thang:
Mosey to bus parking lot for warm-up which consisted of:
SSH x 15
Mericans x 12
Mountain Climbers x 12
Cotton Pickers x 12

Break into groups of 4 (and 1 group of 5)
The teams were then provided multiple exercises with a team rep count to achieve in different areas of the AO. The groups had 35 minutes to knock out as many of the 6 pain stations as they could accomplish. The stations included:

Area 1: Weighted Mericans (30 reps/person) and 2 squats with weight toss (100 yards)
Area 2: Dips (50/person) and Decline Merican (30/person)
Area 3: One 200M lap (2 per person) and Pull ups (until partner returns)
Area 4: Bear Crawl Up and Down M.S. Hill (3 trips) and 10 Carolina Dry Docks at top and WW2 sit ups (25/person)
Area 5: Calf Raises (100/person) and Low Dolly (100/person)
Area 6 25 Mason Twists (3 rounds/person) and Wall Sit (until partner finishes Mason Twist)

Return for Mary which groups were doing prior to my arrival. Finished with Pony Boy concluding Mary with the W (10 reps) in honor of Winnebago.

This was my two year anniversary date so I wanted to lead on a date that has come to mean a lot to me over the years for several reasons. First, the fitness aspect is a challenge and so welcomed because I don’t think I would be doing anything close to this without the accountability of others posting each day. Second and probably more important is the fellowship and friendships I have made through this group over the years. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran it is and has been a privilege to have gotten to share some time with each of you whether at the AOs or just hanging out away from the workouts. Sorry this beatdown was more of a OYO style but some recent injuries have limited my ability to post and workout as needed as of late. However, I always enjoy the fellowship the smaller groups provide as we work through the gloom together. T-Claps to Charmin who a few months back introduced this style of workout to me – one of my favorites.

3 thoughts on “A Little Team Building

  1. Dropcloth Post author

    Appreciate all the hard work shown out there today and my apologies if a little chaotic, but wanted you all to start in the meat of the workout and not hear me giving too many instructions. I figured you would work through the details as you went along.

    Shout out to my partners The Nanny, Brinkley, M4 and Red Rider for the push and fellowship as we went along.

    The Nanny I know you were hurting today but appreciated you posting even when an extra day of rest on the leg may have been the better option – you are always supporting!!!

    It was neat to look around and realize of the 21 posting maybe 4-5 had been with F3 longer – always glad to see Highlands growing and adding to the numbers. This is too good a thing to not share and Headlock others into coming out to – just like @Hammer and @Kevorkian did with me!

  2. The Nanny

    @Dropcloth Good stuff today. I thought the Dumb Bell Throw was especially creative. Couldn’t agree more with you on the value of F3 for fitness but even more importantly on solid, quality, male friendships that never would have happened w/o it. We are all stronger together than on our own. In a world where being a man on an island is the norm, F3 is the vehicle that gets us to mainland AND the thing that so many other men need. Keep the EH’s coming men.

  3. Charmin

    @ Dropcloth – Enjoyed the workout today. Always enjoy anything that gets us moving around campus and the smaller groups definitely allows us to get to know people better.

    Agree with @Nanny that the dumb bell throw was creative. I was enjoying it until @Murdoch stole my 20 pound weight and replaced it with his 50 pound weight. My hamstrings do not like him today.

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