Jillian would be proud of the group – we're all getting less muushy

19 strong showed up with much energy, enthusiasm and mumble for YHC’s 1 yr anniversary w/ F3. Apparently somewhere along the line of the past year I have become associated with providing exercises from Jillian Michael’s – # floppingfish, and it has somehow stuck like glue to me… imagine that from this group!

YHC debuted the new F3 workout attire with a little crop top- (  aka T shirt cut down from planet fitness). I’ll be sending the suggestion and selfie over to the mudgear guys to put it on the order form for the next go round. My goal was to work the core abs- and help the PAX to ” get ripped” – but I think most will be happy with just getting “less muushy”


Warmorama – Mosey around church then circle up in back lot- with the hopes of waking up the motor home inhabitants- no such luck as the unit  was deserted.

SSH,IST,CP x 12 IC – then some Jillian specials- side  plank, supermans, hollowmans.

The Core thang: YHC then gave instructions to partner  up for 4 corners of ab pain at pain stations ( PS) – 5-10-15 ladder.

PS1: Squerkins then karaoke to

PS2: for Partner throw downs – then run backward to

PS3: for Partner Derkins – while other partner holds plank – flap jack ( this is where some remedial teaching had to occur w/ some of the pax who apparently were not listening..#isittheteacherorthestudent? – all is well though – the beat down continues).

PS4: Partner curl ups while other partner holds plank on his feet.

Mosey to pic-I-nic tables for partner step ups and WWII situps – 100 per team.

Recover and regroup – for 4 corner ab fest around the AO.

C1- Mason twists

C2 – Extended leg LBC

C3- Jillian Michael’s inspired – Peter Parker w/ merkin #scratchthatone

C4 – Side plank – Jillian would have been proud of the good form by many in the PAX.

Mosey back to the abandoned RV area for some MARY

Low flutter, Pretzel stick, hold plank for 1 min.



crop top moleskin:

Men – always a pleasure to attempt to inflict some pain this early in the morning. I appreciate the great turnout and mumble chatter as well. It has been a great year to get back into shape, make many new friends and share a similar value systems with such a fine group. Special thanks to #Dingo-is persistence and nudging for me to come on out an join him. Had he and #Pongo  notswung by to pick me up that first day – I’m not sure I would have shown… oh yeah, I missed my ride that first morning…#mybadnottheirs,

#Mandown- thanks for joining the beat down today  -fter planting the Precinct flag then working your way over. Means a lot to me brother!

Speechless- keep posting brother, you’ll get stronger each time!

Great to see the strong numbers this morning. enJOY the day!

16 thoughts on “Jillian would be proud of the group – we're all getting less muushy

  1. GentleGrizzly

    @Dutch – Thanks for the beatdown this morning. My Abs are feeling it already. Congrats on 1 year brother! Aye!

  2. RibShack

    @Dutch- good stuff man, thanks for the lead.

    Thanks to the Pax for allowing me to join up with you guys this morning. I enjoyed the mumble-chatter; seems like you guys have a genuinely good group there.

    @Growler (I think, sorry, bad with names), good partnering with you this morning. Hopefully that rotator cuff doesn’t cause you too much problem….#modify

  3. Maximus_MECA

    It was a classic workout to celebrate @dutch and his self-announced improvements over the past year. Surprising the PAX by putting on Jillian’s halter top with pride though was one of the best laughs ever. The beatdown was classic @dutch pain using his Dean Smith 4 corners approach. Thanks! Great beatdown!

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice one @dutch. Gillian would be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Based on what you wrote here, @blind date, @man down, @guinness, and I were doing the exercise at PS3. Glad we didn’t listen to @dingo

    1. Dingo

      Ok…..@Dutch not only explained it, he gave a demonstration of what was required! And you still got it wrong…..

      Classic “Jelly Lube”……

      Oh and cutting that last corner?!?!?! That was just blatant Jelly Lube!

      The goal is not to be “first” the goal is tondo the workout

        1. Coyote

          Tondo is actually a verb used by those from the mystic island of Tazmania….it means completing each rep in the workout….I think the Jelly Lube is what made you not understand what that meant 😉

  5. The Farm

    Dutch, I hate that I missed your one year anniversary beatdown although I don’t regret not seeing you in a halter top.

    It’s been great getting to know you brother. We’ve had some good talks over these past months that I’m very thankful for…mainly your advice about work and marriage and how working too much can Impact life at home. #ilistenedandremember

    Also happy to have been a part of your first 5k, even if you did EH me to do a bootcamp first and then didn’t show. #notcool

    I look forward to getting stronger with you in the years to come.

  6. Chicken Strip

    Hate I missed your year anniversary Dutch, congratulations! Looks like the Pax didn’t take it easy on you since the mumble chatter has continued into the comments.

  7. Man Down

    Congrats on 1 year Dutch! Your stamina is amazing!

    Where was @Cucumber? Hope your new naming didn’t scare him off!

  8. BlindDate

    Congrats again Dutch! Good workout as well. My abs are definitely feeling it, which is always a good thing.

    Awesome mumblechatter this morning.

  9. Guinness

    Congrats, Dutch! Or should I say Gillian? You have been an inspirational Q’ster and activator over the last year. You make F3 Tradition grreat. Okay Dingo and the pax help out too.

    By the way, regarding “the tondo goal” thing – Correction: Every Italian knows that tondo means circle. So, Forgotten Jelly and Blindste had a tondo goal, that is, to run in circles. It all makes sense now.

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