R2D2's Inversion table-less 2nd Q

9 Davis Lakers showed for R2D2s V2nd Q.  After a brief discussion about inversion tables and gimp masks (you had to show to know), we were on our way.

Warm Up

Quick mosey then SSH x 13, IST x 12, arm circles, Windmills x 12

The Thang:

Mosey to curb and do 10 perkins and 10 slow air squats OYO

Lunge walk to hedges then mosey to low walls for the following:

20 dips

20 Inclined Merkins

20 AMRAP while waiting for the six

Mosey to playground and perform the following five exercises starting at 10 and increasing by 2 reps each round til at 20 reps:




Inclined Merkins

Air Squats

Mosey back to parking lot for Pax led Mary



Sweaty Moleskin:

Great being out there with you today men.   Thanks for the lead R2D2.  Hope you feel better brother!


HDHH tomorrow at Carolina Ale House at Concord Mills at 7pm.

The Murph is this coming Monday.  Who’s in?  Stay tuned for an email with location (Davis Lake or converge).




2 thoughts on “R2D2's Inversion table-less 2nd Q

  1. Chicken Strip

    Hope you feel better soon R2D2, it was a great beatdown. I had my doubts before we started and then halfway through realizing that 20 reps was still to come I realized what a beatdown it was.

    Thanks for taking over The Farm and great Pax lead Mary.

    Great to see such a consistent group!

    Oh and MURPH!!! You should totally do it! It’s a great measuring stick of your progress.

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