The Iceman Cometh – to Silver Bullet Express

YHC met Ice-Nine at an F3 Metro Convergence and was delighted when he asked to lead an SBE Workout. Still being a latent flower child, YHC had not read Cat’s Cradle since shortly before concluding that all of the flower children had passed him by. If the story had been part of the current memory we would have been a little more apprehensive.

There is no Thang this week. Ice-Nine did not need a Weinke and he never stopped to think about what was next. No “one count” much less a “ten count.” Relentless as a pile driver. We certainly got our money’s worth. New exercises – Columbus County Dry Dock and The J-Lo come to mind. This was a very thorough workout proving that if you systematically work every muscle group to failure, the entire ensemble will fail. There were a lot of tongues hanging out at the COT.

It should be noted, however, that Ice-Nine did every rep of every exercise in good form while counting and deciding what the next exercise would be. Awsome Leader!

The SBE Pax did us proud. Everyone did more – a lot more – than they thought they could. Everyone stayed with the program and were (mostly) good natured about it. This workout proved that you do not have to run to keep your heart rate up. Body weight exercises performed slowly with no breaks make for a challenging workout.

In our continuing efforts to improve the SBE experience we learned a lot from this workout.

Thanks Ice-Nine. Great job, great leadership.

YHC is really proud of the SBE Pax and the progress we have all made. It is truly a privilege and a pleasure to share the F3 Experience with you.


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  1. Ice9

    Wow! At SBE, the Site Q does the back blast for you! I just logged on to do it myself, and found this.

    What an honor to lead these men. I have been a friend and admirer of Horse for years, and could not say no to the opportunity to see him yesterday. Like many men, I want to be Horse when I grow up.

    Impressive. That is the word I used over and over this weekend as I described the men I led yesterday. I got a glimpse of the future, and it was good. Very good. Thank you for the invitation and privilege.

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