F3 Lacrosse?

4 of us blew off the F3 dads and 5k events.  Only to find the largest lacrosse tournament in the world in our workout space.

The Thang

After trying to figure out where to park we started the peoples Q.

Charmin – Warmup of SS and merkins.

Football field was open so we started w 3 man tire squats.  4th partner would run to chair and complete 20 merkins.  Rotate

Stair runs.  Alternate squats and lunges at the bottom of each set.

Conchito – 50 yard runs while alternating 10 burpees and 20 merkins.  Go around football field.

LBC at goalpost

Stretchy – Alternate 10 yard partner run while doing SSH.  Length of field.  Repeato with 20 yard run.

Plyometric jumps over tires.  Set of 20 reps step ups on tires.

Major Payne – 100 yard run.  Burpees.  Stair case run to Mary

Mary – Manipulation stretches.

Moleskin :

Tried my best to remember everything we did but I know I missed most of it.

Stretchy – Great use of the tires today.  I will steal that exercise from you.

Major Payne – Another great line today as the ladies approached.  Major ” Don’t look at them, make them look at us”  Where were you when I was 17?

Conchito – Looking good in the superman shirt but have to admit I miss the collared shir



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  1. Charmin Post author

    Great workout gentlemen. Led to some interesting conversations and a tough workout.

    Did the JV ever show up at 6:00am?

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