Hills are alive with the sound of BRR training

10 eager beavers dis-embarked the Sunday morning fartsack to join their brothers for some long, slow, distance.  They didn’t know it was a BRR training route today, but hey, what you don’t know can’t hurt you….right?

The Thang:

  1. 3.5mi out towards winding walk and back.
  2. We hit Millstream down, then up….then all the way up Elendale, then made a right on Elrond to go down that crazy steep hill – good thing we don’t have to go up that….  then we continued our journey to the top of the world up into Winding Walk a few Stoli skips from the clubhouse.
  3. Then for some variety we did the exact same route in reverse.
  4. Finished with 7.01 miles @ an avg pace of 8:22 w/ 840ish calories burned (per garmin).  Have an extra slice of bacon.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Summer humidity is here.  Shirts were flying off during the run, before the run, and one guy got out of his car w/o a shirt.  Don’t let the ladies of Highland Creek hear about this.  We don’t need any spectators.
  2. General agreement (at least in my head) that we will need to park at Winding Walk clubhouse in upcoming runs so we can get deeper into the hilly frontier land of Skybrook for some additional hills.
  3. Thinking we may have a new lexicon candidate based on how Sprinky-dink approached waking up for this mornings run.  Earlier in the week he reached out to me and HC’ed for the sunday run.  Then following the Mint Hill launch he downgraded to a SC, and by the time he left he upgraded to a MC (medium commit?).  Then last night via text he told me that he was not setting an alarm and if he happened to wake up between 4:30 and 5:00 he would post, otherwise – fartsack land.  #AlarmclockRussianRoulette
  4. Some solid 2nd F following the run.  Was a mini version of the blast we had following the Bear…sans kegs….We must have hung out for 30 minutes sitting on the ground in the mini-swimming pools of sweat around each person…well maybe not EACH person….Dropcloth left a sweat deposit measured in gallons.
  5. LOTS of American Ninja Warrior discussion this morning…lots of Chowder plugging his ears yelling “la la la la, no spoilers!!!”
  6. Also talked about some high school basketball coach his odd last name starts with a “K” but NOBODY sees it coming.
  7. We did have one casualty of the 6:00AM #TwitterFalseStart w/ Skipper being forced into almost lying to his wife and ACTUALLY running alone…until the very end.  Sorry bro…

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  1. The Nanny Post author

    Awesome start the morning guys. I felt energized, accomplished, and ready to take charge of my day. Hope you felt the same.

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