6.15.15 El Dorado Back Blast

20 men woke up and made the decision to give Monday morning a flying elbow drop from the top rope.  Here is their story:

0515: Meet at Khols parking lot off N. Tryon St.

The Thang:

Partner Up and size will matter:

Run to North Deck

Partner 1: Start Bear Crawling up the deck ramps and go until you are relieved or make it to the top.

Partner 2: Run up the deck ramps to the top and down the Stairway to Heaven, then back up until you reach your partner.

***AUDIBLE*** only perform the exercise on the ramps, run the flats.  No chance of finishing without this audible.

When Partner 2 catches up to Partner 1, flapjack and continue the exercise until your “team” makes it to the top.  When your team reaches the top you go back down to the bottom (via Stairway to Heaven) and start over with Round 2: Broad Jump Burpees; Round 3: Lunge Walks up and Round 4: Partner Carry (Trading off as needed).

If you are able to finish all four rounds, REPEATO until 6:07.  Then head back to the launch.

Chippendale Moleskin

First, thanks to the Isotopians who followed YHC over to the land of MECA.  Strong showing as we had 11 to MECA’s 9.  Which means, The NC Ghost Flag is returning to Isotope tomorrow.  Be on the look

It should be noted that the toughest Pastor in Meca (Alcatraz) took his #DRP, while the toughest Pastor in Isotope opted for another (probably less fulfilling) med.  Next time Tweetsie.

Great partnering with Clueless, sorry I lost my mind and started doing lunge walks when it was my turn to run.  Oxygen and fluid deprivation does crazy things to my head.

Not sure who grabbed the VT but even Mortimer was pretty soggy at then end, so I trust everybody got their fare share.

As of 6:15 this morning, the Broad Jump Burpee is considered a burpee.  Cobains Outlaw, now I know 🙂 I think we are even after the gut punch.

Nanny and Scrappy are fast, although I have never seen a bear crawl like Scrappy’s.  Maybe I need to watch more discovery channel.

Safe travels Moses!

Happy B-day to Bling, thanks for spending your 40th with us!

The Nanny asked me if the #BlueIndian was a real thing.  And yes, yes it is.  But I am not sure if I would feel right about doing it on the track again, I think it belongs in a deck.  Feel free to offer suggestions below.

Chowder, thanks for letting me take the lead, the men of Meca have created a certain standard at El Dorado, I hope the #BlueIndian pleased the Pax.  If not, go faster 🙂

Keep Tomlin and his M Angela in your prayers as she begins her cancer treatment next week.

Also keep Col. Mustard and his M in your prayers as they try to make it the full 40 weeks of pregnancy.

It was an honor as always to lead this AM.  Many thanks to the Pax for bringing it this AM and to Col. Mustard & Chowder for giving me the keys to El Dorado.  It was great to partner up with Clueless, who without him, we would not have Primetime.  Remember to thank your EHer and make sure they get an EH in return.  That being said, thanks to Black Eyed Pea for introducing me to F3 and all the Pax for the accountability and fellowship!  Life is short men, make an impact.  You guys are a huge blessing to me and make me a better disciple, husband, father, son, brother and friend.  F3 may not be for everybody, but it is for somebody you know.  Don’t be afraid to share this, somebody is praying for it!



21 thoughts on “6.15.15 El Dorado Back Blast

  1. Stray

    Brutal. Just Brutal. If you guys can do this workout, then surely I can finish this bad cup of office coffee.

    #strayed ™

  2. Winnebago

    Saw the preblast and thought WHEELHOUSE yet this crushed me. Really took it out of me. Glad to have @Meathead as my partner he got after it in what I think it is his first El Dorado. Some of the fast teams seemed just out of reach. Welcome to all the the new faces, it never gets any easier but posting at El Dorado no doubt pays dividends it your fitness.

  3. scrappy

    The VT went to one half of the #BlackTahoes. @T1000 (Mort) and @GlowingWifeBeater (PT) were on a mission and couldn’t be stopped.

    That was brutal.

    Great work Jolly and just google fastest bear crawl and you’ll see my form is perfect.

    See you men in the gloom.

  4. Gnarly Goat

    At some point on those ramps you can look across and get a glimpse of the stairway to/from heaven. I looked across once and saw my man @calypso on the descent. He could not have been more than 30 yards away.. as the crow flies. I celebrated for a moment, but then realized I was on like level 4.5, and @calypso still had about a 400 mile run to relieve me from my broad jump burpees.

    That was a stifling shot of ugly this morning. Aye.

  5. The Nanny

    @Jolly Roger That was a kick in the teeth. No worries on if you met the El Dorado bar – you most certainly did. It was simple, easy to remember, very effective at bringing the pain, and it delivered on plenty of threshold running. The #BlueIndian will live on as the biggest, baddest, blue hued native American to ever show his mug at the city of gold.

    @Scrappy The MVP award for team Scrappy/Nanny goes to you my friend. That may have been the fastest run to El Dorado ever. Which of course made the last minute pass by Mortimer even more painful. The lead you had in bear crawl was not measured in feet…it was measured in floors of parking deck. If it hadn’t been for that freaky tall Hooka footed man and his #Sturdy companion passing us in the final moments, we would have gotten away with silver.

    @Mortimer I promise not to tell the guys about the chink in your armor…but at our next workout I am hoping it involves 45 minutes to an hour of running down some steep stairs…I want a crack at finishing in front of you!

    @Bag boy You don’t look over 50 bro. I had you tagged no older than 49. Strong work out there.

    @Alcatraz T-claps for pushing it out there. Today’s beatdown was not #FullSizedMan friendly. Also, can you teach me that trick of how your entire shirt can be soaking wet except for one small 2 inch by 2 inch square?

  6. PrimeTime

    So I thought this was the morning I spilled Merlot……however it didn’t happen. Reminds me of the very first workout I had at Mad Scientist where I struggled through. Today I won the partner lottery and allowed him to drag me to the finish. Thanks Mortimer for the podium finish even if you had to drag me to it.

    This workout doesn’t get easier but I guess I got better at it because I was able to finish. It was in September when I did this at DPK and that deck is way shorter and smaller and I don’t think I made it halfway through. It’s amazing how far my fitness has come since last year and I owe it all to @Clueless for EH’ing me and for @jolly roger for encouraging me that first post where I was beyond struggling. If you wouldn’t have encouraged me I wouldn’t be here, so all of this is your fault.

    1. Clueless

      By the way… EH’ing Primetime was the probably the easiest EH ever. He was primed and ready to roll.

  7. Jolly Roger Post author

    @Chowda funny stuff. Agreed on the #FullSizedMan comment. I think that’s the idea, keep on doing these and I won’t be so “Full Sized”

    1. Winnebago

      No chance that you nor I will ever be anything but #FullSized I won’t see sub 200# without serious illness or death.

  8. Clueless

    @Jolly Roger, great partnering with you brother! I still have no idea how I missed you on the first exchange… maybe that was my subconscious way to get out of carrying a #Clydesdale.

    Solid work by all! I do believe I saw my first GorillaCrawl… or whatever the heck that was… maybe just freakishly long arms.

  9. Alcatraz

    Great to have @Bling as a partner today. Enjoyed the 2nd F on the run to and from (even if I was gasping for breath).

    @Nanny The trick to the 2 inch square dry spot is my side fat roll (#MuffinTop) that held the bottom part of the shirt away from my body. Secrets of the #FullSizeMan!

  10. Winnebago

    I actually thing El Dorado is for everyone once you have your base. I have yet to see anyone not finish because it is self paced. But everyone gets pushed. Even those at the front because they know someone is gunning for them. I love it when we get new faces with a little fear. Because those pax chose the red pill and are stwpping out.

  11. Moses

    Men (yes, even my fearless partner, Chowda’),
    This was a brutal workout, regardless of condition. I’m proud to say that I was a part of Team Chowda’, who was kind enough to run with me at the end.

    Btw, does anyone else have blisters on your hands? That will be the last time I forget my gloves until the next time I forget them!

    It was great mtg some new guys – Alcatraz, Clueless, Meathead. If I got your names wrong, it was JRs fault cause you were crawling in faux parking deck light and I couldn’t see you’re faces.

    I love 485…zipped over there in no time. I hope I don’t have to pay for that trip with tolls in the near future, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I think Isotope earned that Ghost Flag today! Tclaps, Silver Bullet. Aye!!

  12. Alcatraz

    As someone who has only posted at 2 El Dorados and don’t read it’s weekly BB, please forgive my ignorance. But has the term hELl DORADO been used before? My calling leads me to categorize things in theological terms and it seemed a fitting description. Not trying to be preachy, just working through my own personal soreness/bitterness.

    I would actually be surprised with the collective wit of the PAX if “h” and “l” had never been used to bookend the above Spanish definite article.

    1. The Nanny

      Now that’s funny. My brother-in-law (prior to his recent F3 conversion – now named F3_Sprinkles) used to mock El Dorado by calling it El Camino, but no – I have not heard Hell Dorado. You get credit for that moniker.

    2. PrimeTime

      That moniker couldn’t be more Truth either. I have a hate/love feeling going on with Hell Dorado. Hate it every time I see it and go to the work out but love how much pain and improvement it has provided me.

  13. Gnarly Goat

    My pops rolled in an El Camino. It’s half-car, half-truck. Sweet. El Dorado is half pain, and half pain. Not sweet.

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