Smurf Jacks, Rock Golf, and Balls to the Wall

Disclaimer given, time to mosey for triple canned warm-up activities


Smurf Jacks x 15IC (yeah we did that, and the yahoos were yelling it about as they drove by on the highway) (DEUCE)
Imperial WALKERS (YHC had to call it correctly before some called it a Imperial Storm Trooper, do not walk across the field CHOWDER)(CHUM)
Merkins x 15IC (CAPRI)
Mountain Climbers x 10IC (CAPRI)

Pax count-off 1-2-3. all the 1’s go with Chum, 2’s with Deuce, and 3’s with Capri.


Round 1
(YHC couldn’t bring himself to repeat the same workout 3 times for the 3 groups, so he audibles different sets for each round)
Mosey to the rock crick, seelect for yersef a handy rock, Mosey to Disc Golf Tee #1

Partner up
P1 does assigned exercise, P2 carries both rocks to the 1st course basket, 1 rock per carry
P2 returns the rocks to the tee box (1@a time), P2 does assigned exercise
assigned exercise = The Merkin (no count minimums, pax told to work on their merkinator challenge numbers)
Six is in, group mosey to sand volleyball courts, keep yer partner
P1 – run down the trail, over the crick, up #PORKCHOPHILL, 5 downhill facing derkins, run back
All the while P2 is squat thrusting said rock high in the air and watching it fall into the sand at his feet. (not on your feet Thickburger)

time runs out, so pax leave rocks in the sand for group 2

Round 2
new everyones stand by a rock in the sand, own it, plank on it till six comes in

Rock Mosey to tee box for hole #9
repeat of partner golf from #9 tee box to #9 basket
(this hole was longer and took more time)
Mosey to crick, drop the rocks, go to next Q

Last Round
New Group, new rocks
pax line up at base of PorkChopHill
carry your load to top of hill, backwards
JumpSquats x 5
carry downhill
repeat 5x
Mosey back to Sand VB courts for more rock Volleyball
Partner up
P1 squats with both rocks x 5, P2 breathes
repeat 5x
Mosey to crick, drop the rocks, back to the Hill
Bear Crawl up hill to stretch the legs, reverse bear crawl downhill
repeat x5


Mini Murph-
10 Pull-ups, 20 Merkins, 30 Air Squats, Repeato until Q says stop. 3-4 rounds.
Step-ups and Jump-ups around half the perimeter wall.
Declining Plank Shuffle around 1/4th of the perimeter wall.
Inclining Plank Shuffle around 1/4th of the perimeter wall.
V-up Roll-up X12.


Mosey to raquetball courts
Peoples’ chair; air presses x10
balls to wall with stepups and downs
peoples’ chair; air presses x 10
10 pullups on wall
peoples’ chair; air presses x 10
ball wall crawl around court

mosey to benches
15x dips
10 double step-ups each leg
15 x dips
5x wide-stance, slow inclined mericans
15x dips
25x LBC’s


Mosey all pax to baseball field for YHC led Mobile Mary



Great group of guys out there today. AWESOME. We had Q’s galore; Hydro Q, Mouth Q, 3 workout Qs, and Flag Qs.

TCLAPs to Gamma for another awesome job with the shovel flag. It is a be-you-tee-full piece of art. You need to come out to The VET to see it. Prepare to be blown away.

Lots of good mumble chatter, especially out of Chowder. There is a man never short for words, till the COT and he starts whispering. Everyone was talking. Good to hear.

3 FNGs and one of them the war daddy at 62! A Vet himself he took it upon hisself to don the handle MEDIC, YHC humbly let him get away with it, but later chatter called it out and re-named him Nurse Nancy. He will find out at his next post. Welcome to 9-Volt (FNG Keith) and Smurf Jack (FNG Colson, Milton 2.0)

There was a little confusion at the end about which shelter for the coffeeteria, but Coaster Ninja Drop Thrill won that one with his choice near the memorial. Good 2nd F with water, coffee, and lots of bananas. Contact Deuce if you need bananas. He has lots.

Be sure to post again next week, Capri has the Q. Sure to satisfy!

Other announcements

Weekly workout schedule is:
Mondays, Pile Driver 1, 0530, Veterans Park
Tuesdays, Boondocks, 0530, Hickory Grove Baptist Church, Main Campus
Wednesdays, Pile Driver 2, 0530, Veterans Park (aka 4077)
Fridays, Mint Hill Metal, 0530, Idlewild Baptist Church (starts June 26)
Saturdays, The Vet, 0700, Veterans Park

YHC is hot & tired

chum out.

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  1. Deuce

    Thanks to everyone who came out for this official launch of F3 Mint Hill. Also, thanks to all the MeCa pax who have helped make this new AO a success by Qing, EHing Pax, providing guidance and spreading the word.

    Special thanks to @Gamma for doing such an awesome job painting the shovel flags, and @Oz for drilling the holes. If anyone wants to see a sweet shovel flag come down to Mint Hill on a Saturday to see The Vet flag.

    Sorry to the last group of guys who came through my station for almost passing out on you. Repeating that series three times was a little much.

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