Sky's Out Thighs Out (Aka the Atlas Stone)

17 pax including two FNGs and an F3er who returned from a hiatus (The Hop) came out for the third Saturday beat down at Davis Lake. Here’s what went down:


SSH x15 IC
Windmill x15 IC
Cotton Pickers x15 IC
Mericans x10 IC

Mosey to Playground:

W/ partner 1 min AMRAP (Repeato)

Mosey to Rock Pile:

Grab a stone
Curls (R/L) x20
Overhead press x10
Squats x20
Chest press x20

Mosey with stone to Capital Hill
7 to 1 ladder: Burpees/Squats with atlas stone run in between

Mosey to rock pile and return stones

Squat jumps and side lunges on volleyball courts

Mosey to parking lot for Mary

Pretzel crunch (L/R) x10 each IC
LBCs x15 IC
Mericans x8 IC


It was great to see two FNGs and an F3er return f on a hiatus, hopefully the atlas stones didn’t scare you away. I’ll give a little more instruction when selecting stones next time.

Quote of the day was from Urlacher who when YHC almost skipped the second set of squats said Sky’s out thighs out for some motivation for our leg workouts.

I hoped you guys enjoyed the Atlas stone challenge. I’ll definitely be feeling that tomorrow but it’s why I concentrate on what I need to improve on. As we always say it won’t get easier but you’ll get stronger.

Awesome to see so much consistent attendance I think Preamble and The Farm still have perfect attendance maybe some others I forgot (my apologies)

Keep EHing (emotional headlock) guys and brining them out to workouts the more the merrier.


Tiger 5k next Saturday, you can still sign up!

Pool party at the Winchester pool 11-3 after the 5k bring the M (wife) and 2.0s (kids) and beverages and meats to grill.

7 thoughts on “Sky's Out Thighs Out (Aka the Atlas Stone)

  1. Chicken Strip Post author

    Great to lead you guys this morning I hope you “enjoyed” it. Sound off below.

  2. Preamble

    Thanks for a great workout, Chicken Strip. Capital Hill provided a good burn. Enjoyed the 2nd F afterwards with @Buckwheat and @Piston. Three weeks in, loving the PAX and seeing progress each time I get a #beatdown.

  3. The Farm

    I was proud of my rock until you told us to mosey with it. Oh well, I committed to using it and it upped the intensity of the workout. #smallguybigrock

    We’ve seen some solid beatdowns at Davis Lake these past few weeks and today was no exception. #motivation

    Speaking of solid beatdowns, newer guys should definitely be patting themselves on the back. We are all getting stronger!

    See you all Tuesday!

  4. Dutch

    Enjoyed it? That’s a little over reaching chicky strip.
    Bigger was not better in this particular beatdown. – had to shamefully drop to rock portion half way thru the ladder.
    #musclemeltdown. Great beatdown- it’s great to see the newer guys hanging tough,-and passing up this repect.

  5. Buckwheat

    Im a little late to the back last party….. Great beatdown (once it was over) @ChickenStrip. My upper body was sore from Maximus’ KB beatdown Friday, so the merkin fest to start about killed me. I tried to man up and use a mini Boulder once we got to the rock pile and paid for it dearly at Capital Hill! A rock disclaimer before we begin a mosey to There would’ve been nice.

    I enjoyed the 2nd F afterwords also. @Preamble and @Piston, It’s great to hear your stories and see the progress you’ve made over the past few weeks. Keep posting and you will continue to get stronger!

    It was nice to meet you @The Hop! Welcome to @Thunder and @Gladiator also. I hope you enjoyed this beatdown enough to come back on Tuesday. As @TheFarm said, the past few Sat. beatdowns have been tough. If you can make it through those, you’ll make it through just about anything!

  6. Piston

    Gotta love “ok lets mosey with our rocks, yeah thats never a good sign!!
    Good beatdown though, hand washed my car then mowed the lawn after, and no pain meds!!

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