Today was R2D2’s first official Q and he wanted to make it memorable.  On his way to being a teacher in August, R2D2 decided to work some health-education and a theme of the day into the workout: “Be strong and show yourself a man, do as the Lord your God Requires…” (1Kings2:2).   ¡The Mighty 7 Men that came definitely showed that they were strong!

Cures for Erectile Dysfunction ALSO became an important topic and theme for some reason… although, for the record, there were 12 other facts about the benefits of exercise that were apparently ignored.  ED was apparently the only one that peaked peoples curiosity though, I’m not sure why…


Warm up:

1.  20 X Jumping Jacks

2.  10 Imperial Storm Troopers

3.  Arm circles

4.  Quick mosey to the playground

Main course:

8 “Stickey stations”, 2 exercises on each stickey.   Partner up and spend 2 minutes on each “stickey” exercise, then switch exercises for a total of 4 minutes at each station.   Rotate with your partner to the 8 different stations and push yourself at your own pace.

R2D2 apparently doesn’t know how to do math (por eso enseñará español) and somehow calculated the time allotment  incorrectly so we only made it through 6 rotations (not 16 as planned).

1.  Parking lot Suicides. Followed by 1 minute rest then each mans choice. The newest members, Preamble and Piston, apparently don’t know that the burpee is the worst exercise EVER because they chose BURPEE’s over everything else…

2.  Dips and inverted close grip merkins on bench

3.  Mountain climbers and squat jumps (¡There you go Dingo!)

4.  Inversion table*** and spotter/reader of “13 benefits of exercise” (

5.   Step ups and mans choice of any Mary exercises

6.   Mosey around volley ball court and kettle bell curls

7.    Lunges and bear crawl

8.    Curl ups

***The inversion table (a simple A-frame that holds you by your ankles and swings  you safely upside down) received mixed reviews and many remarks about torture aparatuses (SP). BUT it is excellent to decompress backs and spines and will definitely make a reappearance.

Next time, upon apparent demand for torture, my workout will include the “Inverted-Rocky-Ab-Buster” wherein (OOOOH, fancy word there) the “spotter” will beat on their partners abs as they hang upside down and do sit ups.

It could happen…


1.  LBC’s X 15

2.  Homer to Marge

3.  Scissor kicks

4.  Mason Twist  X 20


3 thoughts on “Inversion-table-Edumacation

  1. Chicken Strip

    Awesome workout. You did a lot of prep before hand which paid off and the instructions were easy for the often confused Pax to follow (maybe it was good some key mumble chatters weren’t there). I thought the 2 minutes would be too long at first but worked well at a lot of stations. I’m kinda glad I missed the sprints…

    Your instructions and health education were great even before you mentioned that you’ll be teaching I got that vibe from how you presented, great job.

    And the last Mary exercise was the mason twist.

  2. Preamble

    Great leadership, today R2! Being new to F3, workouts like what we did today (and on Tues w/ @Chowder) keeps it fresh and make me want to come back. A couple of clarifications:

    *@Piston and I drank the @Dingo Aussie Kool Aide last Saturday. That, or we’re doing them so we can talk after @Dingo leads again.

    *The inversion device looked suspiciously like something I saw on TV from water boarding at Guantanamo. Wondering if @R2D2 has a dark past. 😉

    Thanks again, guys – really enjoyed it!


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