1 year (and 1 day) Anniversary Q

Wow it’s a been a year already! I am so thankful for F3 and the group of guys I post with on a weekly basis. Thanks for the encouragement and the beatdowns men. With that said, it was time for my Virgin Bootcamp Q. It was a slightly modified version of my very first beatdown on 6/10/14 kindly administered by @Winnebago. YHC only did about half of the work out that day. Today we all crushed it. Here’s a link to that one so you can compare if you like.
20 PAX showed today and it went something like this:

Warmup –
Short Mosey
SSH x 15
IST x 15
Cotton Picker x 12
Leg Stretches
Arm Circles

Line up for suicides
Sprint 4 parking spots…8 spots…12 spots…End
10 Merkins IC
Get a partner – one does LBC while other partner Bear Crawls to Median and sprints back – Flapjack
(Plank to wait on 6 in between all exercises)

Mosey to 3 rail fence along golf course entrance
Bottom Rail 10 Derkins IC
Curl Ups 10 OYO
Middle Rail 8 Derkins IC
Curl Ups 8 OYO
Top Rail 6 Derkins IC
Curl Ups 6 OYO
Back down to Middle and Bottom Rails followed by Curl Ups

Mosey to Pull up bars
Get your partner again – 1 does 10 Pull Ups other 1 does dips, Flapjack
Mosey Back to Parking lot
Merkins 8 IC
LBCs 20 IC
(Plank to wait on 6 in between all exercises)

The W
Box Cutter
Pretzel Crunch
The Squirm (or The Pharaoh)

Merkins 10 IC
Squat Jumps 10 OYO



– Thanks for coming out today to celebrate with me for a year with F3. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it!

– @ManDown and @ForgottenJelly – my apologies for dragging you out of the fartsack for my 1 year and 1 day anniversary. I’ll make sure to Q on my actual 2 year anniversary next year just for you.

– Great job out there today gents on the suicides. @DirtyBird said it reminded him of high school basketball days. Sounds about right.

– King Tiger 5K on June 20th, Give @ManDown some money if you want to contribute to the sponsorship of the race. Also if your not running still go and help recruit men for F3.

– Pool Party at Winchester Pool from 11-3 on June 20th. Bring food to grill out. @Dingo – Is it BYOB?

10 thoughts on “1 year (and 1 day) Anniversary Q

  1. Man Down

    Great Q today GG! Unlike the sadist @Winnebago, you actually gave us a little bit of warm up…Thanks for that. Last year it was, “First exercise is…SUICIDES!” Your mercy ended there, however, because it was all pain from there on today! Great push by all. Especially encouraged to see @Gazelle making his comeback (cue Rocky music)!

  2. Dingo

    Congrats on 1 year GG!! Been good getting to know you a little over the last year and I look forward to getting to know you more as the years go on!

    The humidity about killed me this morning!!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Great workout this morning @Gentle Grizzly. It was tough.

    I’m glad that I could help you celebrate 1 year and 1 day. Hope to be around for many more celebrations.

  4. BlindDate

    Great job @GG. I liked the variety of strength and cardio. My arms liked the break while doing suicides and my legs like the break while doing merkins.

  5. Trail Mix

    Tough workout for sure – for a Q that doesn’t favor running… we sure did a lot of running today! Congrats on 366 days in F3.

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