The Ball Wall Crawl

6 PAX assembled this morning for a tour of Veteran’s Park in Mint Hill with a bunch of sweat.



Mosey out to halfway point on soccer field track, stopping for

10x Side Straddle Hop

Leg Stretches

10x windmills


The Thang:

High knees halfway down field then dead sprint the second half, 15 x Merkins

Butt Kicks halfway down field then dead sprint the second half, 15 x WW2 Situps

Indian Run to Squash Courts

Peoples’ chair with 20x air presses

Balls to wall with walkdowns and ups

Peoples’ Chair with 10x air presses

10 pullups on wall

Peoples’ chair with 15 x air presses

The “Ball Wall Crawl”- walking on hands around the court in a Balls to Wall position

Peoples’ chair with 10x air presses

mosey to benches

15x dips

10x double step ups on each leg

15x dips

15x super slow inclined merkins with wide hands and a few planks thrown in for good measure

15x dips

mosey to porkchop hill

sprint the hill 2x

grab rocks

10x curls in cadence, 20x rock presses, 20x rock rows (repeat 2x)


mosey to baseball field

bearcrawl 25-ish yards, lunges back x2

indian run around field



20x LBC’s

15x WW2 situps

15x Russian Twists





1. Chum’s workout Monday was a sneak attack… felt simple and slow, but left us having to do leg stretches before we even started today! Great Q on that!

2. I think the Ball Wall Crawl is going to need to be a new staple. Great job everyone!

3. Remember to invite someone for the launch Saturday!!!

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  1. Toolman

    Great job at Q today @Capri. That was a great workout! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

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