Monday is the new leg day (a squat-o-rama)

Disclaimer given, time to mosey over to the B-field for a short COP

SSH x 20IC
IW x 20IC

Quick Clinic on the finer points of the Full ROM Squat & Lunge

The Thang

Partner up, perform 10 full ROM squats, face-to-face to help form, then 10 hand-slap merkins (YHC really likes the hand-slap) – repeat for 5 rounds.

With your partner, wedding lunges to the A-field side line, 15 heels to heaven
Lunge back to B-field, 15 more heels to heaven – repeat twice.

With partner, perform 10 full ROM squats, face-to-face, then 10 hand-slap merkins – repeat again for 5 more rounds.

With your partner, wedding lunges to the A-field side line, 15 heels to heaven
Lunge back to B-field, 15 more heels to heaven – repeat twice, again.

(Mobile) Mary

YHC led the pax through some stretching positions for the last 8 min to help loosen up any tightness from the weekend’s activities and today’s milder beatdown.

Ye Olde Moleskin

Yes, today’s workout lacked severely in the creativity department (thank you Sprinkles for saying what everyone was thinking), but that was on purpose. Where it lacked in creativity, it made up for in effort.
YHC did hear a lot of good mumblechatter during the partner work. That is the 2nd F taking root. It’s always good to hear the guys getting to know each other. Heard some groans too, glad to hear it.
As per the norm for Pile Driver, the walking ladies were kind enough to let us intrude. Per the keen observations of Farmwood, their numbers seem to be increasing since we started.
Sometimes it easy to go over the top with a high-level WOD that leaves the PAX scratching their heads and icing their shoulders for days. Today’s goal was basic movements (squats, merkins, & lunges), mobility & stretching, and little if any running.
BTW, if anyone is keeping track, each of the pax should have popped out 100 merkins this morning toward their 10k merkin challenge.


Boondocks meets Tuesdays, 0530 at Hickory Grove Baptist Church. Excellent site, in the middle of the boondocks.

Capri has the Q for this week’s Wednesday beatdown. Veteran’s Park, 0530.

The VET – Saturday 0700 to 0800, Mint Hill Veteran’s Park. With a 3 Q lead, this is sure to make-up for any beatdown not received earlier this week.

Mint Hill Metal – Kettlebell workout at Idlewild Baptist Church – Starts Friday, June 26.

RoadID’s get em. Order them online, here. Help us help you.

Hydro Q – volunteer to bring some water to the workout.

Sign-up for the MECA list-serve and get updates on events, backblast, pre-blasts, 2nd F, and 3rd F. PAX can sign up here:

Chum Out.


5 thoughts on “Monday is the new leg day (a squat-o-rama)

  1. Deuce

    Sorry I missed it. This would have been the perfect way for me to work out the stiff and sore spots after the Bear.

  2. Chum Post author

    That was the major point for today’s workout, to help the bears recover. Too bad no bear participants showed up.

  3. Deuce

    Think I was the only Mint Hill/Boondocks Pax to run it. The Mint Hill Shovel Flag made the trek too, thanks to countless Pax from several AOs who helped carry it.

  4. farmwood

    Thank you for leading and providing hydration Chum! I just ordered my Road ID. Thinking I should start bringing a wheel barrow just in case. #bringoutyerdead

    1. Chum Post author

      Awesome! I need to order one myself but keep putting it off. Funny thing is I almost called for partner Wheel barrows today.

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