Long and Short of it

Four Pax took to the highway this AM to see what we could find.

From Harrisburg Elementary, right on Stallings, left on Robinson Church, left on Peach Orchard, left on Lower Rocky River.

At the intersection of Lower Rocky River and Hicory Ridge, SS Minnow and Banjo Boy peeled off down Hickory Ridge to go back to the LP while Drone and UCB kept at it, weaving their way down to Flowe Store to 601 then Cal Bost, back to Flowe Store, and eventually getting to Hickory Ridge.  Strong work, either way.  Short route was 13 miles, long route was 31.  Both groups averaged 17-18 MPH.

Here are the routes via MapMyRide   Long Route   Short Route


  • Great work today, men.  I love an early morning ride.
  • The first few miles are especially hilly… Peach Orchard is a roller coaster
  • TClaps to @SSMinnow for posting the day after #TheBear.  This guy is a beast…
  • @Drone, here is where you can decode all of this mumbo jumbo Lexicon

2 thoughts on “Long and Short of it

  1. escalade

    Great job men!!! Not sure how UCB and Minnow did it the day after the Bear. Impressive

    1. SSMinnow

      Enjoyed my first ride with Steel Wheels, @BanjoBoy…..the short route was just right for me this morning….@UCB is the real beast, taking on the long route after the Bear yesterday.

      Good to meet @Drone this morning too

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