At Hibernation Speed

When the gloom settled, there was just one man ready for some racing and pacing and plotting a course, fighting and biting and riding on his horse.  He went the distance and it looked a little like this:

The Thang:

  1. 1 mi warmup via the Fire Station Loop
  2. Half a lucky horseshoe beatdown @ HCES playground:
    1. Round 1: 12 hammer hold dead hang pullups
    2. Fast run down Shelly, right on HCP, right into the rabbit hole, and back to the HCES playground.
    3. Round 2: 12 PU, 20 merkins
    4. Run
    5. Round 3: 12 PU, 20 M, 40 LBC
    6. Run
    7. Round 4: 12 PU, 20 M, 40 LBC, 20 dips
  3. 1 mi cool down loop via Fire Station Loop

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. The Highland pax must have been hibernating in anticipation of what the bear will throw at them tomorrow.
  2. After my role as Mr Mom this week (M – Th) I was stoked to get back in the gloom.  Solo post in YHC’s driveway on Tuesday and a solo post today was a GREAT reminder why F3 is so dang effective.  It is almost immeasurable how much easier it is to knock out a solid beatdown with brothers than it is alone.
  3. Today was a slug fest.  Maybe it was the body in confusion after limited posts this week….maybe it was the upper body fatigue that made it tough to breath during the run….but I have not wanted to walk during a workout that bad in a while.


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  1. The Nanny Post author

    Kept the Highland Speed Eternal Flame burning this morning. Only takes one pax to keep it lit.

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