Plenty of bait…but no bites!

When YHC got in my car this morning, I was prepared to lead a workout that I’d started working on three days ago.  By the time I was getting out of my car 10 minutes later, I’d thrown 80% of it out of the window and decided to do what comes to me.  Hopefully, the eight men that joined me weren’t disappointed by my ad-libbing.  It went a little something like this.



Slow mosey around the clubhouse

SSH, IST, MC, Windmill all X 15

At this point, in come @Chicken Strip (ran two miles to the AO) and @R2D2 (rode his bike ~4 miles to the AO) to join us.

PAX led stretches…we are all leaders!

Line up at the hill…not Capitol Hill…smaller hill by the Clubhouse and introduce the newer guys to the #ladder.

5 burpees at the top of the hill, 1 at the bottom, 4 burpees at top, 2 at the bottom…you get the idea.

Slow mosey around the AO with air squats at the corner while we explain what the three Fs represent.

Jack Webbs to 7

Mosey over to wall

Dips X 10 IC

LBCs X 10 IC

Inclined Merkins X 10 IC

LBCs X 10 IC

Declined Merkins X 10 IC

LBCs X 10 IC

Jump the fence to the playground and do 15 step ups with each leg

Mosey back to the parking lot…what goes up must come down.

Jack Webbs down from 7 to 1.  Apparently YHC was doing merkins too fast for @R2D2 so I made sure to sloooooow them doooooown for him.

Mosey around clubhouse

Partner Up and do partner push across parking lot,, flapjack and push back to starting point.

Then partner pulls, flapjack.  Repeato one more time for good measure.

PAX led Mary




THE BEAR this Saturday!

Davis Lake Bootcamp this Saturday at 7am for everyone else.  Spread the word!

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This morning was a great morning for a beatdown.  Lower 60s mornings are always welcomed in the spring and summer.  Out of the three workouts we’ve had so far, a few of our former FNGs have perfect attendance.  Nice!  Keep pushing and you will get stronger!

Special t-claps to the men that were trying to EH the runners as they were running by this am.  Let’s keep dangling the bait.  They will bite eventually!


The Farm


4 thoughts on “Plenty of bait…but no bites!

  1. Bottom Dweller

    Sorry I missed it this morning. I picked up an FNG I’d been EHing and we went to Hydra for a modified MURPH beatdown. This AO is close to him so I figured it would be good for him. He said he will be back. His F3 name is Schlitz.

    Between SKippers merkins on Tuesday and the merkins this morning my chest and arms are feeling it! AYE!

    Hope to see you guys Sat!

  2. Skipper

    @TheFarm – Thanks for lead today, it was just what I needed with some stretching intertwined with solid exercises and lots of 2nd F. Looking forward to further growth with this group. The guy I stopped on his run around the pool seemed like he might be interested in joining, unlike the other guy with earbuds securely fastened, determined gaze, and quick pace. He probably called the cops on us. Oh yeah, the cops pulled in after COT, but didn’t say anything. Just made a slow pass and parked for awhile. It was weird how fast @TheFarm jetted when he saw the fuzz. #istheremorethanayogamatinthebackofthatvehicle?

    @Piston – Thanks for partnering with me on the push/pull. I like how you kept challenging me to provide more resistance. #motownstrong

    @DLpax – I’ll be out of town next week, but I look forward to returning to meet a few more newbies! #gogetem


  3. Chicken Strip

    Great working out with everyone this morning, thanks for leading us @The Farm.

    We’ll got those #Sad Clown runners soon enough! #CantFightTheEH

    Also for phrases like Sad Clown and others check out this page and for exercises check out here:

    The abbreviations take a while to get used to. I can remember for than a few times when I thought to myself we did Side Straddle Hopes and Carolina Dry Docks to warm up, what are SSH and CDD in the Back Blast (BB)?

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