Go Jane go. See Jane go!


Just over a month ago YHC came into contact with a young man seeking to maintain and hone his fitness while waiting to ship out to boot camp with an enlistment contract for what I will call a “high speed low drag” assignment.  As a test of his mettle I forwarded this hard-charging FNG – unaccompanied – to the one and only #muthaship and the wolfpack that assembles there each and every Monday.  He gulped down that painful shot, owned the name “Jane” (tomato names being reserved for our elite) and has posted often since then in and around Isotope, including El Goat.

Jane will be shipping out soon.  Inasmuch, all hands are invited to a special, “Go Jane go.  See Jane go!” happy hour and send off THURSDAY JUNE 11 at 1800 hours at Mac’s Speed Shop Exit 28.

Come by to shake the hand and wish fair winds and following seas  to a hard-charger heading off to defend our liberty and way of life.  Come see Jane go.  Aye