A Morning of Togetherness with your Battle Buddy

20 #hardchargers came pouring into the parking lot starting at 0520 to join in yet another beatdown within the @F3Highlands AO. YHC was a little confused because there were some unfamiliar faces in the PAX. Am I at the right AO? It’s just been a couple weeks I guess. Of course the loud mouth of the south (@Chopper) rolled in early and graced the PAX with his presence. Lots of activity at #HCE this morning as end of year field trips are in order. I am sure we upset some of the #tomatoes by not moving our six out of the way to let them through. A memo about the early field trip depature would of helped. Anywho, to many cars rolling around, lets roll.

Run over to Golf Course parking lot


SSH x19
One legged Burpee x10
Squats x19
One legged Burpee x8
IPST x19
One legged Burpee x6
Moutain Climbers x19
One legged Burpee x4

Partner up and yes size matters not in less you want to lug around someone with a sturdy under carriage

Partner Carry ~50 yards
Merkins x10
Partner Carry ~50 yards
Wide Merkins x10
Partner Carry ~50 yards
Close Grip Merkins x10
Partner Carry ~50 yards
Low Flutter x15
Partner Carry ~50 yards
Low Dolly x15
Partner Carry ~50 yards

Run to your elbow to get to your a$$hole. I had thoughts of going to the stairs but golf course #sadclowns were stiring so we ran over to the wall

4 rounds of the following
Muscle Ups x10
Jump Squats x10

Run back to the parking lot

Circle up for Circle Merk and Circle Squat


Mason Twist
The W
Pretzel Crunch

– Yeah that sucked at different points. Oh well, if you didn’t quit then you got something out of it.
– Thanks to all the men that graced us with your precense this morning. We had a @Bunny and @MASH apperence, I should feel special. Good to see you men again. I believe @MASH even #HC’ed for #TheBear too… @Bunny???
– #TheBear is Saturday, we launch at 0600 from HCES. Be there!
– We have some new AO’s that are moving and shaking. @F3DavisLake and @F3MintHill (water bottle service provided). Get out and meet some new men and spread the word.
– Where will @Chowder and I be next week?…follow us on Twitter to find out.

– Col. Mustard out…

3 thoughts on “A Morning of Togetherness with your Battle Buddy

  1. Buckwheat

    @ColMustard- It may have sucked at certain points, but that’s always a sign of a solid beatdown. Enjoyed it, once it was over of course!

    @Chowder drew/chose the #shortstraw having to carry me around the parking lot. He did it in usual @Chowder style though, #Beastmode. Strong, brother!

  2. Gordo

    That was a great workout. Intense.

    @hammer- thanks for doing the partner carries up hill while I did the down hill

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