Rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerrated

A sweet 16 pax turned out for the inaugural weekday workout at #DavisLake.  YHC stole Q from the very committed @TheFarm and attempted a simple, educational, tour of the new grounds.  It went a little something like this:

The Thang:


Dynamic warmup (Frankenstein walk, butt kickers, high knees, Stoli Skips)

5-minute Mericans (15 push-ups every 5 minutes) ode to @GnarlyGoat

Warmup COP:  SSH, Windmill, Imperial Storm Troopers, Mountain Climbers

Indian Run around pool area…hey there’s a sand volleyball court

Pavarotti the fence (amazingly everyone could do it).

Side lunge – squat – jump block across sand volleyball court, back pedal, defensive slide; Repeato

Jack Webbs in sand (easy on the knees)

Mosey to guard rail next to lake (it’s not a pond)

Incline mericans, dips, Repeato, derkins

Cross the street expecting to find the open field where we finished Saturday’s workout…but instead find “Capitol Hill”.  Yep, I just named it.  An homage to @TheFarm and his government CIA roots.  Also think about that Schoolhouse Rock bill who had a long, long journey to the capital city; that’s a long, steep hill.

Quadrapheelia up Capitol Hill (doesn’t that just sound right).  Repeato, repeato, one last time with the option to crawl-bear to shut @Chowder up.

Mosey to the field and cross the length of the field via lunge walk, bear crawl, crab walk, bunny hop, lunge walk.

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary.

Mary: LBC, plank jack, low flutter, pretzel crunch, reverse crunch, squirm

End with a circle merk.


1. Thanks for all the pax support in the launch of #DL!  53 Saturday and 16 today. Guys from #HighlandCreek, #Tradition, and #Precinct posted today. #MECAlove

2. Awesome to see the #DL newbies come back for more (@Jordache, @KingJulian, @Piston, @Preamble, and @Schultz gets the newbie tag too). #DLcore

3. I feel like we have just scraped the surface of the AO potential, however with some home locations we will have to pay attention to specific cones of silence. #notChowderfriendly

4. The title of this post is due to some Twitter-speak about #ElDorado yesterday. Thankfully YHC didn’t actually get hurt, although there was some crying and egos were bruised. #bewaretheBear



8 thoughts on “Rumors of my demise have been greatly exagerrated

  1. Skipper Post author

    T-Claps for all the support #MECA pax!

    Thanks for making the trip @ColMustard, sorry that you had to ride with @Chowder. But seriously I appreciate both of your help with the six today. #nomanleftbehind

  2. Chowder

    Good stuff today @Skip. Digging that Capitol Hill, but really it was the @NakedHateHateBird who wanted the Crawl Bear, or so says the #ChickenWhisperer (YHC).

    Not sure what y’all will do with all that silence on Thurs and Sat… what with no ChowderChatter or Bachelorette recaps. The Dance Party returns next Tues though. Should be a good dozen FNG EH’s by then. Aye and Ahoy!

  3. The Farm

    I second the thanks with the six. I slowed down to go get them and was told “we got ’em” by several pax. Great demonstration of what this is all about. New guys…we are there for you #iamthird

    Capitol Hill…I like it! Finding that was an awesome surprise! Don’t know how we missed that on Saturday. Qs, come lead soon to discover new areas.

    Speaking of guest Qs, we’ve got the Master Q of Tradition (Dingo) and our MECA Nan’tan (Chowder) coming this Sat and next Tues, respectively. Will they incorporate Capitol Hill into their beatdown and or discover new ‘toys’ for us to play with? Show to know! #iwilldefinitelyuseitonthursday

  4. The Nanny

    Looks like a solid group! A fantastic start to weekday beatdowns.

    Nanny is Mr Mom this week so I had to run my own bootcamp this morning in the driveway. I like it a lot better with you guys… However, the first ever Lucky Horseshoe beatdown at YHC casa was worthwhile.

  5. Dutch

    Good Edu Q Skipper- way to make it new F3 ready… I think you got off easy w/ chowder/col musterd mumble. they were fully loaded for more I believe…

    If you have a capital hill – maybe you can consider an area called the plaza and the reflecting pool as well. #nameitandclaimitthefarm.

  6. Bottom Dweller

    Great beatdown Skipper. Capital Hill was definitely a good find. My legs will be feeling it all day. I won’t be there Thursday. I have an FNG EH’d and he lives near Hydra so I’m picking him up and headed there on Thursday morning. I should be back at #DL on Sat.


  7. Chicken Strip

    Great Q! I especially love/hate the newly christened Capital Hill. I fear this will factor in heavily in future beat downs. I also have no idea what Chowders new nickname is for me, but as much as I hate Crawl Bears I’ll never back down from a challenge. And varying up the intensities in an “attempt” to quell the mumble chatter is a good idea. Thanks to all who came from other AOs to support the launch. And it was awesome to see so many return from the launch on Sat. Keep it up!

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