Nine Men, Nine Stations

9 PAX showed for a partly cloudy, always sunny beatdown.  It went like this …

mosey for warmup

SSH x 15,windmill x 10, IST x 10, stretchy storm(Thanks Kato) x 10

Mosey to Stations

9 stations 30 seconds on, 10 sec off, 30 sec on, then rotate to next station

Rocky Balboa, LBCs, heavy rope, merkins, mountain climbers, hurdle jumps, Apollo ohnos, Vup toe touch, planks (timekeeper)

Peoples Mary

pretzel crunch x 10, W x 10, squirm x 15, iron plank (virtual trophy to Sparknut)



– sprinkles helped to keep us cool

–  thanks to the job for the use of the tools esp the heavy rope

– the high intensity intervals are designed to burn calories and build lean muscle mass (which burn calories at rest)

– I see pull ups in the future……..


4 thoughts on “Nine Men, Nine Stations

  1. Kato

    Nice quality workout stretchy….and you came up with it with no notice. The hard things in this workout were not what I expected: The hop over the mini hurdle was the hardest for me and I’m almost positive I didn’t do it right.

    Now if you can try to not scare school workers next time……

      1. Kato

        Hey Stretchy…missed you out there this morning. Are you going to the Bear? If not is it possible for Waterboy or Sugar to get the flag from you?

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