THIS is why you test things ahead of time

Never go into a game or race without having practiced for what’s about to come. So with The Bear looming just days away, 11 of the MeCa #faithful gathered for a shortened version of El Dorado to be followed by a test of The Bear’s final challenge. While the preceding beatdown didn’t hurt a whole lot, the sting of failure associated with that final challenge will last a lifetime… or at least until Saturday.

The Thang
AYG to El Dorado, partner up (or one group of three – if @Filibuster had a dollar for every time he was asked to be a part of a threesome… YHC will just leave it at that…)
– Split from partner, one up StH the other up the Mine Shaft, meet at the top
– 15 Partner handshake mericans; back down the way you came up
– 15 Pretzel Crunches – one side; flapjack your route to the top
– 15 Partner Get Ups; back down the way you came up
– 15 Pretzel Crunches – other side
– Rinse and repeat until time is called

Gather at the bottom and AYG to Level 2 for The Bear test – fail and repeat x 2; ain’t happening. Might keep trying if there was a glimmer of hope for success, but it’s looking pertinear impossible.

Still some time, so up StH across the top and down the Mine Shaft then group up for a defeated mosey back to Burrito Station.


– Of course, the Bear – this Saturday June 6 @ 0600; Highland Creek Elementary
– Come on out to Davis Lake, the latest (and some might say the greatest) MeCa beatdown site – Tues and Thurs @ 0530; Sat @ 0700
– The Shield – this Wednesday @ 2000 (or 8pm); Bootstrap’s house

The Nakedman Moleskine
– Light numbers this morning – glad to have @Colonel back out there as well as @Backdraft and @Meathead; Warm welcome for @Grinder in his virgin visit to the mythical lost city of gold.
– As usual, Team @Frodo/@Skipper showed us all how it was done… lost sight of them on the way to the deck and they never slowed down… except when doing partner get ups… many PAX doing the double get up, but these guys preferred the one-man-at-a-time method (though pretty sure @Skipper takes three steps at a time on the descents…)
– Highlight of the morning was @Kato and his recovery fluids… those Capri Suns come in #adultproof packaging
– Of course, the low light was clearly the multiple failed attempts on the final challenge for The Bear. Maybe if we had more PAX, but YHC highly doubts it. Not sure it’s really even possible. In fact, the more YHC reflects, it’s impossible. The physics of it just don’t add up. The mechanics of it are all wrong. Not even the deepest, grittiest and most committed belief of the PAX can make it happen. All hope is lost. At least for this one. Back to the drawing board. Need to come up with something else that gives us at least a glimmer of possibility to achieve… or not. There’s no time to come up with something new. Guess we’ll have to try the impossible. What’s the worst that can happen? I mean, besides the obvious risk of death from trying to achieve the impossible… #thisonereallyneedsthedisclaimer

5 thoughts on “THIS is why you test things ahead of time

  1. Chowder Post author

    MeCa PAX, does anyone have a liability waiver template that PAX can sign before attempting our final impossible challenge?

  2. Kato

    Nice workout @Chowder…that is until the end.

    T-claps @Skipper and @ Frodo. Looking forward to your talk Wednesday @ Skipper. I’m not sure if the motor oil and other grime @ Frodo picked up this morning is gonna come out of his pretty yellow shirt.

    Great push by all the PAX. There’s no other MeCa workout like El Dorado. I’ve got to learn to man-up and take the down stairs in pairs. As I’m getting older, I fight the “gonna get hurt” hesitation that creeps in.

    Capri Suns intended for my kid’s lunch do make an excellent post workout drink….it’s just opening them that’s the problem. Sweaty, tired, and oxygen deprived turns the difficult task of opening them into a nearly impossible puzzle. Perhaps that could be the Bear finale?

    I’m wondering about the timing of our new COT formation. A tight bear hug of men would have been welcome warmth in January. Now and into the summer months it means I’m going home covered in sweat that doesn’t belong to me (sounds worse in text than in actuality).

  3. SSMinnow

    @Grinder … good to meet you this morning…enjoyed partnering with you…the partner get-ups were a breeze with your get-up assistance

  4. Grinder

    It was good to finally see what the El Dorado hype is all about…. just a shame it ended the way it did.

    @SS Minnow never even gave me a chance to slow down, every time I emerged at the top or bottom he was right there, ready for the next set. #strong. One thing I have learned from F3, don’t let a couple grey hairs fool you into thinking that man won’t be able to keep up, it only means he’s had more time to perfect his speed and strength. Grey hairs in the gloom now intimidate me.

  5. Skipper

    @Pax – Great push by all today! Don’t let the ending defeat you. It’s only considered impossible because no ones done it yet #tamethatbear

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