King of the Hill

6 men gathered today at Harrisburg Elementary for a little bike game of King of the Hill.

The Route:

Start out of the school lot

  • L.  Stallings Rd
  • L.  Rocky River Rd.
  • R. Lower Rocky River Rd.
  • L.  Pine Grove Church Rd.  (KOH – Banjo Boy!)
  • R.  Flowes Store Rd. (out and back to Hwy 24) Warm up is over Pace line begins.
  • Continue past Pine Grove Church Rd to Zion Church Rd
  • L. on Zion Church Rd (KOH – Banjo Boy!) Put the hurt on us!!
  • L. on Archibald Rd.
  • L. on Rocky River Rd. (KOH – Escalade)
  • R.  Stallings Rd back to the school.

22.25 miles total.    For those that need verification click here.


  1. Overall title winner for King of the Hill today was Banjo Boy.   It may have been like watching ducks race across the pond but trust me there was a lot of work going on beneath the surface.   Strong legs brother!!
  2. Welcome back out Mike Caudle – FNG no more!  Have to join us in one of the many other weekly options we have.   Great riding with you and look forward to many more rides!
  3. Gapper – most improved!   Pulling a 3 MPH avg. improvement over last weeks ride!  Great to see you invested in a road bike and with the group again.   Keep spinning!
  4. Casper – I hope you made it back in time.   My time management skills on a road bike are not the best…  My wife will vouch for that as well.
  5. Have a blessed day guys!


– Escalade



6 thoughts on “King of the Hill

  1. Gapper

    Great to be out & hang closer with the pack this time. Thanks again Casper for hanging back with me. Gonna start reeling the pack in soon.

  2. BanjoBoy

    KOH doesn’t mean much if you are the last one back to the LP. My legs are smoked.

    Good to have dear old uncle Drone out. He is holding back…

  3. escalade Post author

    Totally agree The Drone was holding out on us.. Sitting in a pew was no fun today. You still earned the title.

  4. Casper

    Awesome ride gent!. Thank you @Escalade for setting this up. I know we had talked about it off and on for a few months. While a different type of leg burn as we all know, nice to have a day a week of minimal pounding on these WD legs. Pleasure riding with you @Gapper. For the minimal amount of time you mention you have had on a road bike, your trajectory will have you on the TDFrance circuit before we know it!

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