Jazzy J shows his speed!!

11 men started out this morning, 5 minutes later we were 12!  5 minutes??  Really The Farm??  Thats late even for you!  2 FNG’s this morning!  Welcome Ghetto D and Hurricane!  To get Ghetto D there I had to promise no hand to ground contact(Surgery).  So we hit the lower body and it went a little something like this;

Warm up lap

  1. SSh x 12
  2. IST x 12
  3. Windmill x 12
  4. Some stretching
  5. Low slow squat x 12
  6. lunge x 20

Mosey to building

  1. 1 min x Peoples chair with air press
  2. 20 x Reverse crunch
  3. Repeat x 3

Over to picnic tables

  1. 40 x step ups
  2. 20 x Jillian Michaels step ups

Mosey to Steps

Teams of 3 complete the following;

  1. 1 person is at all times running “The Loop” bunny hopping stairs
  2. 200 Curlups
  3. 300 Squats
  4. 400 Lunges

Mosey around the Church

Sprints – Jazzy J shows off his SPEED!!

Mary – We did some

The Lame Moleskin;

  1. Great to see 2 FNG’s out today!  Welcome Ghetto D and Hurricane!  It won’t get easier, but you will get stronger!
  2. All legs today, we’ve had enough upper body this week……
  3. Davis Lake AO starts this Saturday!!
  4. Get your F3 Tradition shirt here – http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/nc-clt-north-meca/products/f3-tradition-pre-order




8 thoughts on “Jazzy J shows his speed!!

  1. Skipper

    “The Pax: Sound off below”?! #weak @Dingo!
    However, you are partly forgiven since you brought 2 FNGs, too bad they’ll never know who they worked out with at their 1st post.

    1. The Farm

      @Skipper, also note how he called me out for being late (part of me did do it to see his reaction…the other part of me was tired from late night beer drinking at ToT), but he’s just now posting the backblast!

  2. Man Down

    You can’t remember 12 guys? Wait, you mentioned 4 in the backblast, plus yourself. That only leaves 7. Even you can do this!

  3. Dick Tracy

    Great beatdown, as usual. F3 makes living in Charlotte part-time much more bearable.

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