The Dictator Strikes Back

With much of the PAX fresh off a Memorial Day Murph, Chavez (the Dictator) grabbed the reins for a gloomy beat down that went a little something like this.

Mosey through the rabbit hole.

  • Stop along Parkway to do 15 muscle-ups.

Circle up @ HC Golf Club parking lot.

  • SSH x19
  • Mericans x15
  • IST x15
  • Plank Jack x15
  • Burpee OYO x10

Speed mosey to the driving range.Halt at the bottom sledding hill near the golf course driving range for a 9 to 1 ladder.

  • Squats at the top – start with 10
  • Mericans at the bottom – start with 1
  • Backwards run up hill — first 5 runs only
  • Normal run down hill
  • LBC in cadence for those done earlier.

Mosey to bottom of Skyline. Get into groups of 3:

  • Man 1: Run from the bottom of Skyline Dr. to the crest of the hill
  • Man 2: Muscle-ups
  • Man 3: Squats
  • Repeato, with a different set for Man 2 and Man 3
  • Man 1: Run the hill
  • Man 2: Freddie Mercury
  • Man 3: Imperial Storm Trooper

Jail break back for COT.


  • Nice work today gentlemen. No, YHC was not at the Murph yesterday, as was pointedly pointed out by two people whom I will not name, but whose initials are @Gump and @Chowder.
  • Don’t know about y’all, but lots of sweat on YHC today. #burnthetoxins.
  • Not enough yelling by me today; I’ll make sure to make up for that on the next Q.
  • If you like Chowder’s Hill, thank @Chowder. If you don’t like Chowder’s Hill, especially thank @Chowder. Yes, I just named it.
  • @Google, nice jail break there at the end.
  • @Huggie and @Wheaties, glad you joined us this morning — keep coming back and the results will be fast and furious.
  • T-claps to our 3 #respects today = love it.

10 thoughts on “The Dictator Strikes Back

  1. Winnebago

    There were moments of sheer awful today. The backwards up @Chowders hill was about all I could stand. However this was just what I needed, a good leg trashing. Was really surprised that we went to Skyline after the first part,that was a bold move. Serves us all right for working out hard on a national holiday yesterday.

  2. Charmin

    @Chavez – Great use of new terrain. Personally I have not been to the range. Funny how that hill does not look so bad when I am hitting golf balls. Quads are feeling it today.

    @Winnebago – Like the discussion regarding you know it is summer when…. You mentioned you know it is summer when your shorts feel like they have been in the pool. I had one of the moments after the workout. You know it is summer when you are still sweating after you shower. It was that type of workout.

  3. Gump

    @Charmin you know it is summer when you don’t put on the dress shirt until you get to the office!

    Ditto on the great use of terrain. Never been to @chowder’s hill before.

  4. Winnebago

    I did find it slightly amusing when @Chavez called 9-1 ladder. I believe @Nanny (shocker) stated it is an odd number for an alternating exercise, which I knew someone would mention, so @Chavez made it 10-1 after 9th trip he finished his merkins like he was done. Took great pleasure reminding him he had another round.

    Yes sadly from here on out, I will leave sweat puddle, pee out of my face, get blurred vision, and be at constant risk of #gumpdump

  5. The Nanny

    @Chavez Good stuff today. Agree with above comments that going from Chowder’s Hill (CH) to Skyline was bold. That backwards running up CH was ridiculous. That was also my first time to CH and it lived up to the hype. We need to spend more time there.

    @Winnebago @Google Heck of a jailbreak effort there at the end. You made it hard enough that I didn’t want to catch either of you…. I would have really enjoyed seeing Google lose his lunch though….

    @All MeCa HDHH @ Carolina Ale House tomorrow. Q school on Thursday @ Embassy Suites (fancy!) –

    1. Winnebago

      Did @Google Merlot? Dang I was to toasted to see. If so it was a team effort With @Chavez setting it up, I set the pace to tempt and @Gump throwing the chum that no one would catch me and @Google taking the bait. Boom #teamwork

  6. Gamma

    Thanks for welcoming Starsky and me back to Highlands…..great to see some faces I haven’t seen in a long time. Didn’t think it was possible, but some of those hills and roads have gotten steeper!

    I’m with @Nanny – backwards up that hill was ridiculous. Great lead, @Chavez.

  7. Murdoch

    Great beat down today @Chavez. @Sandman – good race at the end. You poured it all on and beat me. @Conchito – can always count on you to finish out a set. You’re an inspiration.

    I left with the flag shovels in my car – @Chowder and @Google. Guess I am cruising tomorrow for the first time. @Gump – I’ll run with you!

    1. Gump

      @Murdock I’m not going to make the run. 3 days in row proved to be to much on this road to recovery.

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