R2D2’s Dramatic entrance!

  1. 13 of Traditions hardiest brushed off the temptation to fartsack and posted this morning for a return to workout I did about 6 months ago.  Not sure how many of these guys did it last time, but it was a little “chowder-ized” this morning.  But we did it and and it hurt!  In a good way 😉
  2. the thang;

Mosey to Daycare

Circle up

20 x SSH – Right about here is where R2D2 made his dramatic entrance!
20 x IST

20 x windmill
Mosey to Office park

Teams of 3

All circuits start in far back corner

Circuit #1

Sprint to road
Bear crawl first building
Burpee Broad Jump second Building
Crab Walk 3rd building
Circuit #2

Snake run through Buildings
10 x muscle ups to enter pass through
20 x dips on bench
10 x muscle ups to leave pass through
Circuit #3

Sprint to side parking lot
10 burpees
forward/backward run through parking spaces
10 burpees
forward backward run through parking spaces
10 burpees
Plank or Mary in corner until both team mates return

Each team member performs all 3 circuits

Mosey back to Daycare

Amrap Curl Ups

Mosey back to Church

we did some mary

The Moleskin;

  1. Davis Lake Launches this Saturday!!  If you know anyone who lives in the area, get them over there this Saturday at the Davis Lake clubhouse @7:00am
  2. Good to see the Pfeiffer brothers Gangsta and Coyote back in the Gloom!  1.5 years since Coyote’s last post!  Welcome back Kotter!


6 thoughts on “R2D2’s Dramatic entrance!

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    Great beatdown @Dingo! Good circuit workout that kept us moving and pushed us. Glad to be getting back at it!

  2. The Farm

    Enjoyed it Dingo. I remember when you did that workout last time…I think you were subbing for me due to an injury. I read the BB and thought 1) where did he pull THAT from so last minute and 2) I hate that I missed it. Those muscle ups and crab walks definitely worked my triceps. I think I’ll be feeling those tomorrow to go with my sore lats from the murph and chest from Saturday’s reverse Spider-Man merkins.

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