Boondocks Dryland Training

In celebration of the NHL playoffs, 6 pax ventured out into the gloom for a little hockey dryland training this morning.


SSH, IST, Cotton-pickers, Windmill


The Thang:

Jump squats into sprints x5

Cross-overs into sprints x5

Ladder (10-8-6-4-2):

1. Wayne Gretzkys (similar to Apollo Ohnos, but just more manly)

2. Merkin walkouts

3. Skater lunges

4. Russian twists

Jump squats into sprints x3

Cross-overs into sprints x3


Ladder (10-6-2):

1. Wayne Gretzkys

2. Merkins

3. Dips

4. Russian twists



LBCs, Pretzel crunches (flapjack), Low Dolly, Airborne Mindbender



1. It has been great working out with you all these last couple weeks – this is a great AO – I hope to be able to join you all from time to time

2. #tclaps to Rev Run for coming out again – it doesn’t get any easier but you do get stronger

3. #tclaps to Deuce for completing the last couple workouts I have been to in fatigues and combat boots – I am very impressed

1 thought on “Boondocks Dryland Training

  1. Deuce

    Great lead, No H! I had kind of a poor showing due to a leg injury that won’t seem to heal, but I’m looking forward to doing similar sprint activities in the future. It was nice of them to mark off the parking lot like that for us.
    As for my attire- situation normal.

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