The “Greatest Hits” Thang:

Merkins x 50

Sub7 to the top of the deck

Flutter for 6

Down the stairs

AYG Spiral

Rosalita for 6

#MazeRunner down to #Skybridge: down a flight, across the deck, down the spiral, down a flight, down a ramp, etc to Level 4, across #skybridge to bottom of ramp

Merkins x 20

AYG ramp, climb stairs to Level 8 (the top of that deck)

Sprints, bear crawls (forward and backward), merkins

Back down to Level 4 to #skybridge, down the spiral

Merkins, Wide, Diamonds x 40

AYG Loop: Up Spiral, across the deck, down the stairs

Merkins, Wide, Diamonds x 40

AYG Loop: Up the stairs, across the deck, down the spiral

Diamonds, Wide, Regular x 30

#MazeRunner to the top: alternate between stairs, ramp and spiral for climb to the top

Down the stairs, do some exercises outside on sidewalk and then maneuver a halfbaked indian run to the corner of 4th and Caldwell



The Naked Man:

Swamp got tied up @Indy running second to JPM so YHC had to step into those big boy #Top2Q shoes. Missed you, brother.

Other notable “missed you too”: @LoveLetter OR #littlecock(y)bigballs The #muthaf’nship ain’t the same without you.

@HUGS Stinger and Ice9

@MetroNan’tan TML had to be Q’ing elsewhere, I’m sure of it.

@Huddle No call, no show after a firm HC @Caffeine yesterday. Hope everything is okay with you.

Now, for those that sacked up.

@Booty who also HC’d after Caffeine yesterday.

Indian Hill brought his #Bgame and toys with the PAX. Swiper does this too. No way YHC “wins” that race home. That’s BS fellas and does nothing for my confidence. Okay, maybe a little.

YHC will assume @EZRings did something #CSAUP over the weekend OR he’s still trying to figure out how to pace himself at the ‘ship. See Carl Edwards. One thing you’ll never hear him say is, “more bear crawls” and rarely will he volunteer to watch the 6. See watch his own ass. But that he did. Thank you.

YHC didn’t think it was too obvious that I freestyled this one, but either Winnebago or that fast ass dude with the beard (the same one I left out of the PAX list because I can’t remember his name to save my life) commented, “Does he know what the hell we’re doing?” Yep.

YHC likes running those segments and hope you fellas had a good time.

Special shout out to S.S. Minnow who at 59 years makes this workout look like a bandit run w/ FiA.

Enjoyed seeing our #MECA brothers this morning. Way to stay in it and get after it.

Awesome group take out by SS Minnow and Swiper.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day. Always a privilege to run around with you.

7 thoughts on “MD@theMFS

  1. Fishwrap Post author

    1 of 2 missing PAX has been identified. @Hootie OR #thatfastassdudewiththebeard

  2. Stinger

    Aye. Hate I missed, FW. Was DR visiting family. FWIW, I can confirm that F3 is (discreetly) alive and well in Perry, GA!

  3. Hootie

    Fish – weird dude…weirder workout. I like it. Keep it up. Enjoyed my maiden voyage at the Mutha. The hushed tones of the Q’s call tried to lull me off to sleep early but Chowder and the #FormPolice would have none of it. When are we adding LBM’s to the Lexicon?

    Nice to reconnect with Swiper and IH. Happy to hear that was their B game. Looking forward to return visit when Hootie’s hip is healthy.

    Signing off…


    1. Fishwrap Post author

      It’s like, you get me #weirdos The LBM is a veteran move #shortcut better on the joints and should/will never be added to the lexicon.

  4. Winnebago

    It was great to be back @ the Mutha’. It has gotten tougher since last summer. I make the drive to any Metro post for to get faster and be humbled. AMRAP may be actually easier because I don’t have to be reminded of how I at the 6 when the 12 comes back to pass me. Special thanks to @Chowder for running back in with me and @Fishwrap coming back to collect us. Maybe if on Indian Runs the pace was at my 5K pace it would be more successful. Just sayin’.

    ‘Til next time.

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