Race Day (at Charlotte Motor Speedway, but not at the Hunter Run)

Greeted by perfect weather in the gloom, 9 #faithful decided that their fitness, fellowship, faith and leadership don’t get a long holiday weekend… they were so eager in fact, that they couldn’t wait until 0630. It may be “race day” across this country (or at least in Indy and CLT), but at the Hunter Run, a little LSD was the plan for the day.

The Thang
Firehouse loop and back through the parking lot to pick up any late arrivers (there were none.)
201 Loop with a HCP finish

Sounds like we covered 6.1 miles (or so.) A good day’s work.

– Good numbers and strong work as we steadily kept pushing the pace with each mile.
– Hope all you guys who are traveling are keeping up your work. This crew will challenge you when you get back
– Looking for some pool time with the 2.0s? Clark Creek pool after noon…

– Memorial Day Schedule: Murph at 6a and 7a (double down!) converge at Tradition; Mutha/Murph double – #Badboys meet at BofA at Mallard Creek and Prosperity at 0450 for clown car to Muthaship Monday followed by the 7a Murph at Tradition.
– Come prepared with the name of a fallen hero to run tomorrow’s workout in honor of (ended that one in a preposition just for @Chavez.)