Preblast: Special Olympics Unified Relay Across America

On June 4, F3 will come out of the gloom and into the bright sunlight of the Special Olympics Unified Relay Across America, as the southern leg of the Unified Relay winds through Charlotte. Here’s what you need to know:

  • What: Special Olympics torch relay. Co-Qs for the event are YHC (Gapper) and my 2.0 Dash (fka Caedon), a 9 y/o Cabarrus County Special Olympics Athlete.
  • Who: Our torch-bearing team is officially called F3 Harrisburg, but all pax, M’s, and 2.0’s from all regions are welcome. F3 shirts & shovel flags encouraged. Not sure how many of us will get to carry the torch, but we’ll hand it around as much as possible.
  • Where: Our leg of the torch run begins at 901 Parkwood Ave (Google map link) and follows Parkwood across North Davidson and beyond for about .5 miles. Nearest parking location looks to be at Cordelia Park.
  • When: Thursday, June 4. Show at 4:45pm for the 5:09pm launch of our leg.
  • What else: If you can’t make the torch run but are interested in supporting Special Olympics, donate here.

Sound off below if you can make it. Aye!

3 thoughts on “Preblast: Special Olympics Unified Relay Across America

  1. Hootie

    Gapper – t-claps for taking this on and making it happen. I don’t care what BBQ says about you and your abundance of back hair, you my friend are a good dude. Hootie is a HC and looks forward to the 1/2 mile mosey with you.

  2. SoloCup

    @Gappe, you are an honorary member of the #HairyBackMafia. I am an HC for the 1/2 mile mosey as well.

  3. Gapper Post author

    @SoloCup, I’m honored to be an honorary member of such a hirsute group.

    We’re rolling 5 deep now, as both Exit 54 & Riptide are in as well.

    After we run the torch (and unfortunately it looks like the run regulations & the lateness of our registration mean I’m going to be the only one who gets to run the torch), I may head with my family to the torch relay evening celebration at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, where the flame will arrive at 6:10pm. Billy Goat will be there doing his official banker duties, so you know it’ll be a party.

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