The hazards of Minnow being Minnow again

I guess the pre-blast sounded too hard as a mere seven #Faithful and one courageous FNG gathered in the Burrito Station gloom for MeCa’s weekly dose of varsity goodness. Tried to clearly explain in the pre-blast and again pre-launch but that keep us all from getting a little sideways today. Blame the construction. Blame the newly trodden route. Blame @Minnow’s absolute dominance of the field. But don’t blame #Chowderizing. Time to roll.

The Thang – Fast mosey, dodging construction, to:
– the Lendl Lot (by the tennis courts) – 10 one-legged burpees (choose right or left)
– up the hill past the light that never changes to the West Deck – up the stairs 3x
– 20 LBC at the bottom each time before ascending
– Hand Release Merkins at the top – 10 first time up, 15 second, 20 third
– back to the Lendl Lot – 10 one-legged burpees (other leg)
– up the fitness trail to sneak up on Pete from behind – up the stairs 3x (should have brought a headlamp, map and brush hog for @Minnow and @Cupid)
– 20 Plank jacks at the bottom each time before ascending
– 10 diamond Merkins first time up (all the way to the top @Minnow!), 15 Larry Craig second, 20 CDD third

Rinse and repeat with AYG. Time called with the hopes that @Tread and @Cupid had just decided to skip the Pete and head straight back to the Burrito Station (which was indeed the case.)


– We kinda forgot these today (sound off below if you have any), but heard a few like:
– Still a spot or two open for BRR in Sept. if anyone is interested (@FNG_Will?) – See @The_Nanny for details
– The Bear – June 6, 6a-11a… you were standing near the finish line.

Moleskin under construction
– For not having a full house this morning, it sure felt like there was a lot happening.
– To start, we clearly have a healthy @Minnow returning to form. Outstanding work by everyone today, but @Minnow put on a show to stand atop the virtual podium. Scared to think what happens when his full fitness comes back! Great job this morning, brother.
– The hazards of being so far out in front (with an unfamiliar route) is you have no one to sense check where you’re going. We cut through the fitness trail to get to Sneaky Pete but @Minnow saw lights and started cutting his own path through the woods… to the engineering building. Once he course corrected, he just flew by all of us again…
– @Cupid, on the other hand, took a tour of the softball facilities before finding his way to Pete’s flank. That looked like killer hill you added in there #extracredit. Maybe next time we work that in.
– Felt like Hitchcock was going to emerge from the shadows of the West deck at any moment. Theme there was birds… bird droppings… birds taking a shot over our bow… and one poor little guy trapped in the corner who didn’t know what to make of us running up and down his stairwell.
– @Stoli’s not a fan of the birds… or the excessive trash build up at the decks… or callouses. He recommends Evie & Jo brand hand sanitizer and skin nourishing lotion.
– Seems like as soon as all the students leave it’s game on for construction and game off for the sanitation crew. You’d think they’d empty the trash after a week!
– Nice effort @Grover – pushing himself past the brink of merlot spillage. It was all effort and intensity level induced, right @Grover? @Nanny will back you up on that as he was starting to experience the #TBQ by the end.
– Welcome and thanks for coming out to @FNG_Will. Will is in town on leave from his Special Forces duties and decided to join @Stoli for a little work (and work he did!) Fine effort his morning and huge thanks and T-claps for your service, brother.
– @Tread, what’s with the @Chavez imitation? I thought you get to make your own schedule? Seriously though, glad you were out there and I’d be happy to give you a lift next time!
– There’s lots more I missed… but I gotta get back to work. Sound off in comments. Great job by everyone!

2 thoughts on “The hazards of Minnow being Minnow again

  1. SSMinnow

    @Chowder… There was plenty of up and down on this one…and not just on the steps….that hill from the Lendl lot to the west deck has to be the steepest hill on campus…and painful after one-legged burpees!

    Enjoyed the push from all of the Pax….it did feel good out there this morning, but who knows next time

    Good to meet you Will

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder That was horrible. Toughest El Dorado in recent memory. Maybe it was the heat that I am not acclimated to yet…maybe it was the one legged burpees followed by hill climbs followed by stair climbs…. I have never in my life had the “on the brink of vomitville chills” whilst doing merkins. Wide arm merkins while completely out of breath was evil. My shoulders were so fatigued this morning that shaving was actually a bit of a painful endurance event…

    @Minnow You put on a show this morning. I actually felt bad that no one present could give you any competition this morning.

    @Grover Strong showing from you as well. Especially for a man of your stature….I wouldn’t dare call you “sturdy….”

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