Sandlappers, bandanas and the mystery of the birthday sash. Oh, and Skyline Grinder.

With all the recent expansion (Mint Hill, Davis Lake, Boondocks) and the crescent moon shining high in the morning gloom, one might think they were posting in @F3SouthCarolina. But with the absence of towering palmettos, we all knew we were in @F3Highlands. We were home. And what more to feel like home in Highlands than a little Skyline Grinder to start our day… YHC had other options available, but @Kato traveled over just for this. No need to disappoint. So 19 (#magicnumber) took the #DRP and got after it… well 17 started and 19 finished. Usually the Grinder has the opposite effect.

The Thang
We don’t need no stinkin’ warm-up
Run out the HCES front entrance (or the manicured rabbit hole if you’re @Gump and his crew) and left on HCP to the base of Skyline
– 10 Muscle ups on the wall
– 40 Air squats
– Run up Skyline to first cul-de-sac on the left
– 10 three-merkin burpees
– 40 LBC
– Run down Skyline
– Rinse and repeat until time is called at 0605
Run back the way you came (i.e., through the rabbit hole for @Gump)

– Pretzel crunch left x 15 IC
– Pretzel crunch right x 15 IC


– Any last minute takers on camping this weekend? See @TheNanny
– The Bear – June 6th at 0600 from HCES
– Speed – tomorrow at 0530 from HCES

Nakedman Moleskin
– Strong work all around by the PAX. Everyone kept moving and stayed after it the whole time. Nice job fellas!
– @Nanny stood atop the virtual podium this a.m. with (I believe) @Kato and a Kottering @Kool-Aid on either side.
– Came to the realization during the horribleness that is the Skyline Grinder that the only part that isn’t awful is running down the hill.
– Lots of strong performances and absolutely no quit, especially from some guys who were experiencing the Grinder for the first time… like @Sandman, @Murdock, @Swamp Thing… and certainly the bandana-ed FNG James who @Gump EHed on the run over to Skyline. Though after this morning, he was already pre-planning excuses for not coming back. Safe travels and we’ll see you in three week James – don’t let us down.
– Too bad @Dingo didn’t make it out – “No preblast” he says. (Yeah, because we ALWAYS do that!) I’ll translate for those who don’t speak Aussie, “I’m too scared of the unknown.” He’s also requesting another WIB week show down. Whattaya all think? Sound off in the comments…
– Certainly isn’t the same doing the Grinder without the @Colonel – prayers to him and his family as they cope with the loss of yet another loved one. We’re here for you, brother. Even though I knew you couldn’t be with us, I wanted to bring the Grinder out today in your honor and to let you know we’re think about you and your family. Nothing like seeing the grit and determination of Colonel taking on Skyline. Proud to share a birthday with you (albeit 15 years apart!) I know it’s heavy hearted, but happy birthday brother.
– After successfully dodging the “wearing o’ the birthday sash” for a third year, if you know of any upcoming birthdays, let @Nanny know so he can pack it in his saddle bag.

10 thoughts on “Sandlappers, bandanas and the mystery of the birthday sash. Oh, and Skyline Grinder.

  1. Kato

    @Chowder: Thanks man….I was somehow looking forward to the grinder (Moss creek has no hills) and I appreciate you doing it this morning.

    Standing on the virtual podium without the likes of @Colonel, @Frodo, @Stoli (and a long list of others) present is a little like the Olympics when the superpowers boycott #deflated.

    I did make it a point to pass @Nanny on the way back to the COT just to see what it felt like. It was only possible because he had slowed down to welcome FNG James to the PAX.

    Great to see @Gump at a workout. Being on the IR sucks.

    Rolling Stone definitely wants in on the WIB show down. We just need a signature WIB (Likely candidate is Water Boy’s favorite: the Sharknado).

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder Not knowing for sure that the Grinder is coming is the best way to handle it. If I knew it was coming, then my chance for posting would go down! The most memorable grinder for me was one where Col Mustard and I battled it out and we each pushed the other well into the red zone. Oh…and #WIBWeek….yes.

    @Kato Awesome push out there this morning. There is always a firecracker that starts out strong and pops but you were strong well into the 3rd(??) round. Must be all that extra curricular track work you are doing….

    @Swamp Thing, @Alcatraz, @Gump, others…. Way to gut it out this morning. That is an unrelenting aerobic sufferfest. Your faces told the story – you were giving it all you had.

    @FNG James Well….I forgot to get your e-mail address, so the odds of you reading this are very slim! Great to have you out there and see you in 3 weeks on Wed and Thursday.

    1. Kato

      Yeah I think the track stuff is helping….I’m finding that running with middle/high school kids will do two things:
      1. Make you feel really, really old.
      2. Make you faster if you attempt some of the stuff they’re doing; like multiple walking lunge laps around the track.

      It’s all good medicine. Hang around with guys (or kids) stronger/faster/etc. than you are and be willing to do more than you would on your own. Before long you will get better if you don’t get hurt.

      At the beginning of this morning’s workout, I overheard one PAX ask “since when did Chowder get fast?” I believe Chowder was fast before we all knew him. But I believe the Chowder we know now got fast when he started driving down to Mothership Mondays to hang with the big boys.

  3. Dingo

    Dang!! Caked out for choosing a tough workout over an unknown! Had you mentioned the grinder, I may have shown or maybe not……

    I did spend the morning slogging through Old Glory, so all is good in this old dogs world

  4. Winnebago

    Every intention of posting this AM yesterday and then the Temperature gauge light came on on my way home and that meant and early morning mad dash to drop car off at dealership/pick up BIL car to use and drop 2.1 at Bootstrap’s to get a ride to school and more. I love the Skyline Grinder in every way. Hate to miss. It is a little bit of cruel and unusual to the newer Pax.

    You know I am all in favor of whippin Tradition again in WIB week. They recruited a bunch of Hate Hates just to be able to compete.

    1. Dingo

      So you noticed our strategy! We had 3 hate hate FNG’s today. And the precinct seem to be taking magical speed pills!

  5. Murdoch

    Happy Birthday @Chowder and @Colonel! Great beat down today! First time on the Skyline Grinder for me and I hope it’s a repeat.

    I have to say… every time we were doing those muscle ups on that wall and listening to that dog in the adjacent house going ape-shit at us… I thought to myself how if it’d been about a mile down HCP and the wall was the first house at the corner of Glen Manor – how we’d have all had glowing green dots gleeming brightly from our foreheads and center mass as and angry LOML would have been lighting us all up.

  6. Charmin

    @ Chowder – You must have known I was going to the beach on Saturday and needed a solid upper body workout. Mission Accomplished. My traps are screaming from the muscle ups.

    Two Skyline workouts in the past two weeks. Brutal

    Have to admit one of the toughest parts of these workouts is feeling the pain of being lapped. Although I did makeup some time on the way back with Gumps Rabbit Hole. Solid.

    @ Dogonthecorner – By now I would think you would know our scent. Enough of the barking. You are waking up your owners.

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