Feel the Burn

Mosey to bus lane

SSH, IST, STI, mountain climber x 20 ea

toe touch, quad stretch with calf raise, walking lunge with twist

Mosey to for curves and straights

Sprint curves, jog- straights with RDL’s, SSH, Mountain climbers and sumo squats in between with LBCs at the end

Mosey to Chuck Norris Enclave

peoples chair, air squats, air press, sumo, can-can, plie squats x 25 ea with squirm at the end

Mosey to front of school for Mary

SL butt raise, pretzel crunch, low dolly, low flutter, mason twist, Freddie mercury


– Good job to all, the quads are still burning and my legs are noodly.

– Next time Ill spend more time on the thang and less time rehearsing my Chuck Norris joke.



5 thoughts on “Feel the Burn

  1. Schnitzel

    Sorry to miss, sickness on the tail end of the 2.0s kept me up last night. Quiditch told me all about it, as he crawled on all fours up the stairs. What happened to Waterboy, not like him to miss a week?
    Does the SL Butt raise cure CBW?

    1. Stretchy Post author

      Hope everything is good at home.
      yes we are getting there but more work needs to be done.

  2. Kato

    Waterboy’s M is traveling so he’s at home with the 2.0 (or at least that’s his excuse).

    Sorry to miss this morning Stretchy. Chowder threw down the gauntlet at Highlands this morning so I went there to represent.

    1. Stretchy Post author

      No problem.
      But that brings up an interesting point, wouldnt it be fun to plan an invasion?!

  3. Sugar

    Stretchy I kinda thought you were a leg man but holy crap!!! Not looking forward to the next 2 days. I was begging to do some Merkins just to give my poor legs a rest. Well done!

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