Think Yellow

22 Highlanders assembled at the AO after passing en-route a not so conspicuous bright yellow mazda owned by YHQ.  Questions were answered after a brief disclaimer by the man in yellow, it went something like this:


  • Toy soldier
  • inchworm merkins
  • atlas lunge
  • Backward Mosey (watch out of bright orange cones – first casulty of the day)
  • Slow Mosey to front of school top lot


  • SSHx20
  • Windmillsx15
  • ASx10
  • Mountain climbersx15
  • Apollo Ohnosx10
  • Mosey to lower parking lot with stategically place mazda, circle up to count off and get additional safety disclaimer

Alstott Work:

Divide into teams of 3-4 (6 teams), one team does an Alstott* lap by pushing the Mazda from the lower parking lot to the upper parking lot and back down to the start.  The team pushing is the ‘timer.’  The other teams do crawl-bears (reverse bear crawls) up hill from lower lot to middle lot, do the prescribed exercise (different one for each team) across lot, mosey back across lot repeat exercise, crawl-bear up very little hill to top lot, (plank if necessary) when Mazda speeds past fall in behind and mosey back to start.  Switch stations each round. Exercises were as follows:

  1. Burpee Broad Jumps
  2. Duck Walk
  3. Frogger (full squat, jump forward into another full squat)
  4. Lunge Walk
  5. Slalom (feet together, 45deg hops)
  6. Alstott (Push Mazda)

Crawl-bear up to middle lot

Circle merk x5


  • LBCx30
  • Squirmx15
  • Plank Jacksx15
  • Homer to marge (Gump)
  • Mason twist x 20 (Nanny)

humid-man moleskin

  1. Great fun for YHQ to be back at Highlands, always nice to be welcomed at the MECA home a see some old faces (it still amazes me that Parkour arrives within 10 seconds of launch no matter where the workout is)
  2. *I call pushing the Mazda an ‘Alstott’ in honor of Mike Alstott, former NFL Pro-bowl tight end. Story was one of his favorite workouts while at Purdue was pushing (by himself) his truck around campus with the parking break on.
  3. To answer the question every Pax wanted to know, yes those socks were from the sale rack
  4. Funny moment of the morning, I’m moseying behind the mazda during the workout and one of the Pax casually mentions, Hey Pox, your shirt matches your car, I thought to myself, I guess the yellow shirt, shorts, and socks didn’t give it away, next time I’ll bring my yellow shoes instead of my blue ones
  5. Bright idea a little to late: should have done one more round for all the drivers who didn’t get to push during their round, sorry Pax, we’ll catch you next time
  6. Prayers to Col. Mustard and family (we missed you brother)

7 thoughts on “Think Yellow

  1. Winnebago

    I have finally done it all, it only took 2 years but I pushed the Mazda and it was harder than expected. Great having you back @Pox you know you can post more than just when you Q. I know you have a busy schedule of Crossfit and Procreation but we need you, if nothing more than to show us proper squat form. But seriously we want you back. I liked the socks BTW.

    Lots of newer faces today, I love it! Is it bad that my sweat angel is still worse than the FNGs?

    1. Kato

      Pox is now a Stoner. I’m not sure who allowed him to Q this morning at Highlands but I intend to have a talk with him regarding his commitment to our new AO.

    2. Pox Post author

      Thanks for the push to Q Winnebago, I’m glad you didn’t sleep in and got to push the Mazda, perhaps we should incorporate it into El Dorado (or NOT)

      Sorry I’m such a stranger; I’m a Stoner now, but I’ll be back for a surprise visit from time to time

      Also, My sweat angle rivals any FNG

  2. Gump

    Thanks for the Q @Pox; @Swampthang good seeing you out there brother; same time and place on Thursday!

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