17 of MECA’s finest posted for a Col. Mustard beatdown. Due to a family emergency (see Moleskin) Col, could not make it so Frodo led the way and put together the following fun curcuit on the way to the deck.

The Thang

  • Run to El Dorado
  • Partner up
  • Run up StH; Run down Mineshaft
  • Partner chase up ramps; Run down Mineshaft
  1. P1 runs up ramp backwards
  2. P2 does 5 burpees and runs forward, chasing P1
  3. When P2 catches P1, flapjack.
  4. Rinse and repeat until team gets to top of ramps
  • Bunny Hops up Mineshaft; Run down Mineshaft
  • Partner Wheelbarrows up StH; Run down Mineshaft

Rinse and Repeat until time is called
– Great push by all PAX this morning. Good to have Forgotten Jelly back with us.
– Stoli was scheduled to arrive on StoliTime until he didn’t have gas in his car and had to go back into house to get keys to the M’s minivan. So, he arrived a little late. After completing a warm, humid, clothes-soaked-through El Dorado, he sat in his M’s driver’s seat and to get home; shirt off, with no towel. #MothersDayIsOver #NormalLifeIsBack #HopeMStoliDoesn’tReadThis #CloroxWipes
– Keep Col Mustard in your prayers. As many of you know he lost his grandmother on his mother’s side about 10 days ago. He’s now travelling to be with his dad’s mom who underwent open heart surgery last week.
– There was a mix-up in posting the back blast last week, so check Skipper’s comment below for last week’s PAX list (didn’t want anyone to feel like they had been forgotten).

10 thoughts on “ImpromtuQ

  1. Frodo Post author

    Great push by the entire Pax. Always fun to lead you guys in a workout.

    @Nanny – Nice push this morning. Thanks for keeping the pace high. Sorry about the dirty socks, shoes and ankles.

    @Gordo – I know your shirt was light gray when we started. Not sure what made it turn dark gray.

    1. Gordo

      Great workout today Frodo. Regarding my shirt, I have special shirts that change color during the workout, especially after this type of work out!

      @backdraft – enjoyed partnering up with you.

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Great workout this morning. It was brutal. Glad I’m back. Thanks for partnering up @Dingo. We won’t be in the back forever.

  3. Stoli

    There was nothing fun about that workout, Frodo. Nothing. But thanks for stepping in and Q’ing! I was drenched. Partnering up with Skipper helped push my effort to the max. That’s why we do this! Thanks, Skipper.

    Regarding the sweat drip in the minivan, that’s what happens when you run my tank to empty and don’t fill it up!!!

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      I knew that the moment you joined me and Dingo on the ramps that you wouldn’t be with us for long, but holy crap, you were moving!! I’m impressed.

    2. Guinness

      @Stoli, I thought that you would benefit from Skipper partnering more than me. I lnew that you would get a better workout while I would benefit by living to see another workout. My fitness level is not yet where you guys are at – emphasis on Yet. Thanks for the push, Skipper.

  4. Frodo Post author

    Here is the PAX list from last week (5/4/15): Skipper, Prime Time, Dingo, Chowder, Kato, Bling, Guinness, Stoli, Frodo, J-Lo, PomPom, Winnebago, Gordo, Fillibuster, Mortimer. Great work last week to these men. It was cooler and drier last week.

  5. The Nanny

    @Frodo Clearly this morning’s workout was concocted while being short on oxygen during the run to the North Deck. How else to explain all that backwards running interspersed with burpees and then a tower of bunny hops? And for the love – next time please wear your gloves. You got my fancy new neon yellow running socks all dirty and I JUST did laundry yesterday. Those socks are going to be dirty for 2 weeks.

    @Stoli Ha! I didn’t realize you had to drive a different car to the workout b/c you were so low on gas. Not laughing at you. Laughing with you.

    @Chowder & @Clueless You guys kept the pressure on this morning. Every time we turned around, there you were. And @Clueless….Didn’t know the force was so strong in that one.

  6. Skipper

    @Frodo – That was brutal, especially when trying to keep up with @Stoli. However, I did enjoy the @Scrappy-inspired wheelbarrow technique that @Stoli used. #PeterPan

  7. Clueless

    Excellent beat down @Frodo. Enjoyed it.

    @Chowder – thanks for the push, fellowship… and the “car” callout. Strong work brother.

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