Skyline Tornado…

14 of Highlands finest made the best decision they would make today and laced them up for a little beatdown on the infamous Skyline.

Warm Up:

Mosey to Golf Course Parking lot:

SSH X 21

Windmill x 15

Peter Parker x 20

Merkins x 15


The Thang:

Mosey to down the Parkway to the hill across the street of Skyline. (about this time @alcatraz starts calling out some abbreviation…something about having the best dad body around??!)

7 to 1 Ladder.

Burpees at the bottom, Squat at the top. Run backward up the hill. (About this time a figure comes running from the gloom of the golf course — hey it’s Derby… Nice find!)


Mosey to Skyline (Tornado Time!)

Split into groups of 3.

Group 1= Run to top of Skyline

20 x Merkins

20 x Reverse Crunch

Group 2 = Run down the other road to mailbox past the light post

20 x Diamond Push ups

20 x Sumo Squats

Group 3

@ starting line 15 x burpees and 20 squats. (this done to give the other teams time to get into position and get some reps in)

Once finished race up to relieve group 1 and start exercises. Group 1 then races to Group 2 and starts those reps. Group 2 then races to Group 3 and starts those reps. Keep repeating until time is called.

Once time was called we finished with 7 burpees, jut because we could. Sandman and Murdoch led the mosey back to Mary… until Sandman started feeling frisky and decided to Audible for 7 more burpees halfway home 😉



25 x LBC

15 x Pretzel Crunch



Thanks for the chance to lead. Always a pleasure to sharpen iron with my F3 brothers. While the PAX was a little light for a Highland boot camp the PAX definitely made up with energy and plenty of mumble chatter.

Beer Run tonight @ Pippa’s Meet at 6:30. 3.2 miles. I even heard from a little birdy there might be free beer!


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  1. Charmin

    @ google – Great lead as always. It is interesting to me to see how certain combinations of workouts impact the body. I can tell you that 7 to 1 ladder while walking backwards was a killer. Feeling it all day.

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