Aint nothin’ but time….the clock and the watch.

12 Stoners joined YHC in the moonlit gloom to kill 45 minutes of the morning – mostly 1 minute at a time.  It went a little something like this:

Mosey to the Bus parking lot for a little warm up:






Merkins – 10

Mosey to the Little Baby Hill for some clock-work

Clock Merkins – 5

LBC (declined) 15

Clock Merkins 10

LBC (declined) 10

Mosey to the field for 5-10-15 fun (courtesy of the annoying beeping watch)

1 minute to do the following:

WW1 sit-ups – 5

Merkins – 10

Sumo squats – 15  (CBW exercise)

Run field down and back every 4th minute


Last 3 minutes:

WW1 sit-ups – AMRAP

Merkins – AMRAP

Sumo squats AMRAP

Oh and 2 Diamond Dave Burpees (Cause I’ve always wanted to try them!)

Mosey to school entrance for some quick Mary

Low dolly – 15

Homer to Marge – cant remember how many

Box cutters -15

Something Marie Calender call out (sorry memory was gone at this point)

Freddie Mercury – 15

Naked man mole skin:

  • Another morning of strong numbers!  Thanks to the PAX for following my lead!
  • Welcome FNG David, look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.
  • Had fun today!  Enjoyed the mumble-chatter especially the Chuck Norris jokes.
  • Based on today’s Diamond Dave Burpees, we all need to work on our flexibility!


F3 family picnic this Saturday – check the Pre blast on the site.  Starts at Noon.

The Bear – MECA’s CSAUP event June 6th.  Multi-mile point to point run with pain stations Q’d by PAX from AOs wihtin MECA.

2 thoughts on “Aint nothin’ but time….the clock and the watch.

  1. Pox

    Great lead sugar. The annoying beep made for some good mumble chatter. I’m not sure the final count but we all got our merkins in for the day.

    Funny note of the day. Sugar texts me a question. My M looks at phone and says…who’s sugar? @doghouse#f3misinterpretation.

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