Q-less, but not clueless

The Pax were 23 strong for a beatdown that had no Q. Winnebago???! So the dictator (Chavez) took charge and we rolled.

The Thang:

Chavez Q:

Mosey up the drive to Middle School (“M.S.”) parking lot with high knees, skips, and karaoke along the way.

COP: merkins x 10, SSH x 15, 5 burpees, imperial storm trooper x 10, mtn climbers x 10

Mosey behind the M.S. for half pipe: split in half, with group 1 running up the big hill, 10 air squats at the top, run down for 3 burpees, then run up the other hill for 15 calve raises, back down for 3 burpees. repeato x 3. Group 2 did the same, just started on the opposite hill.

Shazem Q:

Mosey to the bus parking lot for awfulness: partner up and perform the following in total as a team. Partner 1 runs from first to last bball hoop while the other partner does the excercise. accumulate the reps for 100 merkins, 200 air squats, 300 LBCs.

Stoli Q:

Mosey back down to the M.S. lot. 16 walking lunges into 10 burpee broad jumps. rinse and repeat the entire way down the lot. next level, sprint halfway, then turn and backward sprint the rest of the way. Repeato on the third level. Final run to Mary included a five stride run with a big skip, switching knees along the way.

Brinkley Q:

MARY: low flutter x 15, mason twist x 15, low dolly x 15

Alcatrez Q: 3rd and most important F

The Moleskin:

1. Thanks to Chavez and Shazam for taking the lead on the fly. Overall, it was painful and miserable with some nice variety. Sometimes great workouts come from no planning.
2. Did everyone watch Chopper’s five stride then skip routine? #priceless
3. Perfect temperature this morning. Happy the nice weather is finally here.
4. Thanks to all for showing and putting forth a great effort. I know I missed names in the Pax list so please sound off or note who I missed. Apologies, tried to remember without writing down.

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Q-less, but not clueless

  1. Stoli Post author

    Seriously, Chopper didn’t stop laughing at his incredible out-of-rhythem 5-stride run into a skip routine, which made me laugh the entire way and probably look just as ridiculous!

  2. Pox

    Whats going on at the birthplace of the MECA region. One week you have to have a double Q, then this week the Q doesn’t show? @Q#timetostepupathighlands

  3. Dropcloth

    @Red Dawn was the third missing from the PAX. Big welcome to Red Dawn’s 2.0 that was born 3 weeks ago! Based on his story of the delivery – sounds like he has a future sprinter now!

    @Google – thanks for partnering up and carrying our team through the 100 – 300 challenge! Always glad to have an overachiever as a partner!

    @Shazam, @Chavez and @Stoli – thanks for taking the lead this morning! You threw in some nasty things on the fly!

  4. Winnebago

    So I could say that my signup no show was a way to get others to Q but that is false. I was actually really excited to Q so much so that I woke up at 4 but figured I should sleep a bit more, I woke up again feeling far too rested with a hint of sunlight and I knew I had screwed up. Forgot to save the alarm I set so it never went off. Apologies, I will make sure next time I Q which is probably next week with equate to a double. Thanks for stepping up men in my place.

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