Crawl-bears on a little hill

18 Stoners showed up in the gloom to see what kind of pain Pox had prepared; it went something like this:


  • Mosey through the ‘cone of silence’
  • Backward run
  • butt kickers (pick up Kato)
  • High knees (pick-up FNG)
  • inchworm merkins
  • atlas lunge
  • agility through parking posts
  • mosey to bus lot

COP (Circle of Pain)

  • SSHx20
  • Windmillsx10
  • Apollo Ohnosx10
  • Mountain climbersx15
  • Squatsx10

Mosey to ‘little hill’ for some ladder work

  • 7-1 ladder, burpees at the top, squats at the bottom: the twist was crawl-bear (reverse bear crawl) up the hill

Indian Run to the track bleachers

Bleacher Work

  • 5 burpee penalty for not staying together on indian run
  • Step-upsx10
  • Decline merkinsx10
  • Step-upsx10
  • Incline merkinsx10
  • Step-upsx10

Mosey to field for some side-line to side-line partner work (Partner up)

  • Partner build-a-house (1/2 way) + mosey
  • Fireman carry (switch half way)
  • Wheelbarrow (switch half way)
  • Lunges (switch half way)
  • Power skip
  • Bear crawl
  • Alternating burpee broad jumps

Mosey to school wall (jailbreak for extra credit)

  • Wall sit
  • Wall sit with Air presses x 60

Mosey to front of school

  • Circle merk x5
  • LBCx60

Early morning moleskin

  • Great to have 18 strong at Rolling stone, it seems just like yesterday there were only 5 or 6 of us.
  • Thanks to Skipper for gracing us with his prescence and introducing us to FNG no more Napolean (welcome brother, we’ll see you on Thursday!)
  • Was I the only one who thought crawl-bears up that little hill wouldn’t be too bad, that was challenging (at least for everyone not named matress king)
  • Our Indian run needs some work…I suggest showing up for some ‘Satisfaction’ tomorrow, its a great way to put some miles on the shoes and get your endurance up.
  • Marie Calendar hopefully learned his lesson, this Q did a mental audible when he called out half-way (at 25 reps) on the ‘its only air’ air presses.  Now that we have 50 and 60 under our belt, who’s up for 70 next time?

22 thoughts on “Crawl-bears on a little hill

  1. Pox Post author

    Great work today Pax, lets keep those number up – where is Uggs, Peanut Butter, and Eggplant?

    1. WaterBoy

      Awesome q pox. The reverse bear crawl got me. Great to be back and have 18 strong.

  2. Skipper

    Ahoy! Great use of the AO today @Pox! When @Kato told me you had Q today I knew it would be a perfect intro to F3 for FNG Napoleon. #classicPoxfullbodysmoker

    I thought @Quidditch gave you a spelling lesson today on his name? #noharrypotterfansinPoxfamily?

    Nice work @Pax! It was a pleasure meeting some newer guys and catching up with some I hadn’t seen in awhile. @Schnitzel was a blast from the past. #Sirius #singletear

    1. Kato

      Great to have you out Skipper! This morning was like a Sirius reunion! I’m often over at Cox for my boy’s sports. I miss the AO as it was a great facility for workouts. With that said, nothing beats an AO 1.5 miles away from home #moresleep

      1. Pox Post author

        I’m with Kato, 5min more sleep makes up for missing that big hill and the spidy staircase. I would challenge the pax to get more creative with our AO, as far as I know we haven’t ventured past the dragon at the elementary school. I’d love for us to add some pull-up bars, who wants to take the lead on this.

        1. Kato

          There have been a number of discussions regarding pull-up bars. I believe Waterboy took the initiative towards asking if we could erect some on the greenway and was shot down.

          We haven’t found anything yet that could serve the purpose. There’s a little bit of potential in the playground at the elementary school but…not really. Only a couple of guys can marginally do pull-ups simultaneously.

          I’d love to find an option so we could start offering the Murph for the guys that can’t venture to another AO due to work schedules.

          1. WaterBoy

            Yep. So far I have been shot down on the greenway by city of concord and am still looking for a school contact who could be a friend to F3.

          2. Pox Post author

            Calling Pax, anyone know the principle or gym teacher at Harris Road Middle School? F3 wants to ‘raise the bar’ for the school

          3. Pharaoh

            @Pox – Actually I do know the gym teacher at Harris rd Middle school
            …its a little complicated but I think I can help.

  3. Loco

    Awesome Q Pox and shout out to the Pax for hanging in there. I’m starting to gauge the strength of a workout by the look on my M’s face when I get home. Today was a definite winner (sweat, dirt, & exhaustion). I’m loving the numbers as well!!

  4. Chachi

    Great Q Pox! The crawl-bear was harder than it looked. Thanks to Schnitzel and Snakebit for helping me find my keys this morning.

    1. Schnitzel

      @Chachi – no problem, I like to lose my keys after a rough workout and before the Mary :). I wasn’t a whole lot of help as glasses were fogged from overheating and without the specs, I’m just about blind. Sorry about the fireman carry, too old and broken down for that.
      @Skipper – back at you – come by more often.
      @Pox – well done, as usual. More creative, like push a bus across the parking lot? #SiriusFlashback

  5. Sugar

    Great workout Pox, I’ll never look at that hill the same way! Welcome Napoleon! I had to carry Stretchy on the last partner carry – Quidditch you’re much lighter (no offense Stretchy)! Great numbers!!

    1. Stretchy

      Hey thanks a lot Sugar. Im not heavy, just built for comfort.

      Sorry I missed out, we ‘ll see yall on Thur.

  6. Quidditch

    Great Q @Pox. At your request, its spelled Q-U-I-D-D-I-T-C-H. Thanks for the partnership @Sugar….and the compliment.

    1. Pox Post author

      Now that you can spell its time you stepped up and led a workout, perhaps you and the old man can tag team one.

      1. Kato

        Yo….be careful what you’re asking for. I’m typically OK trying to keep up with a middle age man Q. Following a Q over 20 years younger than me scares the tar outta me.

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